Jelili Atiku (NG)

Jelili Atiku Work for Live Art Denmark 2016 Collaboration with Alette Scavenius for COLAB Copenhagen 2022 Performance “Who Knows Not One Thing Knows Another (Aláráagbó XIX)” and talk at Friisland, 2022 Performance “ỌLỌ́MỌYỌYỌ” at Live Art for Børn in Aarhus. COLAB Copenhagen For the COLAB program, Jelili teamed up with Alette Scavenius, Head of Theatre Collections at the Royal Library in Copenhagen. In the video below we hear excerpts from their conversations about memory and how to preserve it, in body and documentation, while we follow a series of performances in galleries and public spaces Jelili organized and performed in in Copenhagen, and an audience talk. The performances are based […]

Odun Orimolade (NG)

Odun Orimolade Work with Live Art Danmark 2016 Collaboration with Mette Garfield for COLAB Copenhagen Collaboration with Mette Garfield For our program COLAB Copenhagen, Odun Orimolade worked with Mette Garfield. Together, they investigated the formation of individual and collective memory by considering the womb as a poetic space, a space where we all have been but no one has a memory of. If memories started before birth, how would they affect our orientations, imaginations and ways to look at ourselves and others? In addressing the importance of archiving, policies, laws and narratives about pre-birth ideologies and their impact on social development, we are confronted with the institutionalised history that we […]