Ammar Abo Bakr (EG)

Ammar Abo Bakr Works for Live Art Danmark2016 “The Lady’s Brigade 4” for COLAB Copenhagen The Lady’s Brigade 4In May 2016, Amma Abo Bakr spent 20 days in Denmark and most of this time on Copenhagen’s central square Kongens Nytorv. There, he created the large scale graffiti “The Lady’s Brigade 4” as part of Live Art Denmark’s project “COLAB”. We brought Ammar, like the seven other artists in the project, together with a Danish mentor, Brian Mikkelsen, member of Folketing, the Danish parliament. Brian introduced Ammar to the Danish government and its politics. To relate to his experience of Denmark, Copenhagen and Kongens Nytorv in a site specific way, Ammar […]