Odun Orimolade

At COLAB Copenhagen Odun Orimolade worked with Mette Garfield in investigating individual and collective memory formation by exploring the womb as a poetic space, a space where we all have been but we seem not to have any memory of it. If memories start before birth, how would it affect our orientations, imaginations and the ways we look at ourselves and others? In addressing the import behind archiving, policies, laws and narratives about pre-birth ideologies and its impact on our social development, we are confronted with the institutionalised history that we come to accept and believe. This history informs and shapes our knowledge of the womb, the ways we relate with it and consequently the ways we understand part of ourselves. Odun and Mette made a wide research into fables, tales and myths about the pre-birth in Nigeria and Denmark. They are interested in how they relate to each other and the ways they weave themselves within scientific facts about the unborn.

Odun Orimolade lives and works in Lagos as an artist and a lecturer at her alma mater. She graduated in painting from the Yaba College of Technology School of Art, Design and Printing, Lagos, Nigeria. She holds a postgraduate Diploma and Masters in Visual Art from the University of South Africa Pretoria where she is currently pursuing a PhD. She has participated in several exhibitions locally and internationally, including solo shows such as Facets of a Psyche, Terra Kulture, Lagos (2006), A Secret Place, Unisa Gallery, Pretoria, SA (2012) and Being and Becoming, Art21 Space, Lagos (2014). Recent group exhibitions have included WATA don PASS – Looking West at Lilith Performance Studio, Malmö, Sweden (2015); Ravy Festival, Yaounde, Cameroun (2014), 50th anniversary exhibition, Society of Nigerian Artists, Omenka Gallery, Ikoyi, Lagos (2014), Six Draughtsmen, Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Art, New York (2013) and Come release me, National Pop Up Theatre, Goethe Institute, Lagos (2013).

Om liveart_dk

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