Jörn Burmester Wium

Jörn Burmester Wium has been a regular guest at Liveart.dk

For the book launch of the Berliner Luft book he performed  “My Last Performance” at Warehouse 9 (November 2009). However, it was not his last performance –

In 2011 he was our artist in residence and performed “Performance art is life. Theater is death.” at a of “Samtalekøkken

During the residency, he also performed “Randon Rants” at the ACTS festival, Museum of Contemporary Art, May 2011:

He is a performance artist, curator and playwright living and working in Berlin. Burmester’s solo work began with a series of performance lectures on the war in Afghanistan (The Rambo Lectures, 2001-2003). Together with Florian Feigl he also performed “Rambo Revisionist”

The use of text in performance art has been a focus of his work ever since. In recent works, he explores ways out of the confines of authorship using co-operative and non-linear text formats. He has performed his solo and group works all over Europe.

Matthias Borello wrote this about him (sorry Danish only): http://liveart.dk/samtalekoekkenet/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/SK6_Adf%C3%A6rdsforskeren-KUNSTEN.NU_.pdf

Together with Florian Feigl and Mark Boombastik he returned to Copenhagen (Pumpehuset) with TOTWAWKI (September 2014)

Jörn J. Burmester was also a part of the Samtalekøkken we hosted at IETM in Copenhagen. At Hitparaden 2 he and Florian Feigl presented “Performer Stammtisch”, a forum ,that originally inspired  “Samtalekøkkenet



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