Lotte Kaiser

Work for Live Art Danmark
2015 “It won’t always grow back” at Live Art for Kids 2, Arken. With BBB Johannes Deimling.

It won’t always grow back
Together with BBB Johannes Deimling, Lotte performed on a set of stairs situated in an unusual position in the corner of one of the museum’s galleries. Brightly colored materials, including yellow gift wrapping paper, white paper stars and blue paper napkins, were displayed and dispersed across the stairs. All actions were carried out in uniform moderate tempo and perfect unison. The artists tied straw around their feet and walked for a while in their straw shoes, tied paper stars around their heads and threw glittering confetti. A purely visual, sensual experience, for which, Johannes claims, as for all of his performances, no logical explanation canbe given, except, “perhaps, in poetry only”.

From minute 26:17 on the video you can see the group performance “Freedom”, presented by Johannes’ PAS Youth Studies at the same festival.

About the Artist
Lotte Kaiser (b.2000) participated in several of Johannes Deimling’s PAS performance courses, and did a series of performances with him and by herself. She went on to study acting at the university of the arts in Graz/Austria.

Some images can be found on her Instagram.

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