Camilla Graff Junior

Works for Live Art Danmark
2012 “Inner and Outer Animals” at Samtalekøkkenet at KB 18, Copenhagen

Inner and Outer Animals
In this performance lecture about healing, Camilla uses animals and humans from her own family (and a lot of video clips she found on You Tube) as examples to explain how to know and maintain a dialogue with our inner and outer animals. She plays with her roles as presenter, performer, family member and weaves a fine mesh of fact and fiction in this amusing tour de force, leaving the spectator unsure of how seriously to take the presentation.

In a second part, audience members are invited to choose their personal animal of the moment and an animal for their partner from a table decked out with small toy animals. Camilla engages them in a conversation about the special qualities of their animals, and interprets their choices in dialogue with them.

About the Artist
Camilla Graff Junior is a performance artist, curator and researcher born in Denmark in 1974. She holds a double Master’s degree in performance studies from the Sorbonne Nouvelle University and the University of Copenhagen. She studied acting and contemporary dance at schools in Bergen and Paris, and directing at Queens College and at Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center in New York.

Ever since her teenage years she conceived her own performance, dance and theater works.

In 1990 she initiated the “C Collection”, a framework to collect and redesign clothes, and stage them within the articulated triptych of “in space”, “on the body” and “in play”.

Camilla’s company Giraff Graff has a website, but at the time of last viewing, other than a slideshow of images on the landing page, only the “about” page seemed to contain any content.

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