Margaret Dragu

Works for Live Art Danmark
2022 “The New Akademy of Life and Performance Aktions” at Friisland Live #4

The New Akademy of Life and Performance Aktions
We encountered wisdom expressed as small gems of performance art, expressed in a seemingly random sequence of actions, or, as the artists would have it “Aktions”. Margaret Dragu spend a week in Copenhagen in June of 2022 as a resdient guest artist with our friends from B&W Art and Support. Besides participating in two of their “Teach Each Other Mondays” and holding a series of daily open studio events at Forsøgsstationen, she found time to present this work in collaboration with her host family at our cool down event for Copenhagen At Week.

The aktions we witnessed included an acknowledgement of colonial expropriation of lands in Canada, chants of stories about experiencing public transport in Vancouver as a walking impaired person in Danish and English, and two choreographical performances with live vocal transcirtion by 14 year old Ronja Wium Petersen.

Choir: Ronja Wium Petersen, Nour Aaquist Haugaard, Dorte Burmester Wium, Jörn Burmester Wium.

You can also watch Margaret’s own edits in these videos: Art Aktion 2 Copenhagen and Art Action 3 and 4 Copenhagen.

About the Artist
Margaret Dragu works in video, installation, web-based/book-publication, and performance art. Her performances span relational, durational, interventionist and community-based practices. Dragu also has a multi-personnae dis-order operating as Lady Justice since 2006, as VERB WOMAN since February 2009, and as Nuestra Senora del Pan since 2004.

Much, much more to discover on Margaret’s Vimeo channel and her website.

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