Miao Jiaxin

Miao Jiaxin Work for Live Art Denmark 2022 Artist in Residency at Friisland, “A German Aufguss Sauna Ritual performed by a Chinese from the US”, live performance, “725 performance”, VR performance, “Chorus of Pulse” performance recipe for Performance Opskrifter. A German Aufguss Sauna Ritual performed by a Chinese from the US We loved this old school performance art piece with the artist engaging in a series of material explorations, including potentially dangerous and unhealthy ones, inviting audience participation, enduriong physically strenuous activities, and creating a giant mess. In March 2022 US-American performance artist Miao Jiaxin was the artist in residence at our project space Friisland. He contributed this live performance […]

Taiwo Aiyedogbon

Taiwo Aiyedogbon Works for Live Art Danmark 2022 Artist in Residence, “Asiweju” live performance, “Gèlèdè”, site-specific VR performance at Friisland, recipe for Performance Opskrifter. Asiweju In May of 2022, Taiwo was our artist in residence. For the fourth event of our series of regular performance events at our project space Friisland, Taiwo developed and presented ”Asiweju”, an participatory performance walk. Drawing from her research into Nigerian women leaders, Taiwo explored how national histories are written and popularized. In Asuwaju, she used methods of political procession and celebration dance to reconsider and rewrite these narratives to include the powerful contributions of Nigerian women leaders. All women in the audience were invited to […]