Marie Thams

Work for Live Art Danmark
2022 “aaarena” at Friisland Live #6

Marie performed her work “aaarena” at our sixth live art event out in Nordhavn, layering a Danish text over a soundscape created with voice as an instrument. The piece deals with questions around the body as an arena and tool in the accelerated and norm-setting working life – which shapes the experience of life, our ability to hear other than human-made mechanisms, our connectedness, and more.

In her voice and speech-based performances, Marie Thams works with the potentials of the body and the individual in sociopolitical as well as individual terms, combining voice with personal and critical texts.

About the Artist
Marie is a visual artist based in Copenhagen. She works in installations, sound, performance, sculpture, film, text, print and publication, in which she explores the political and cultural values and structures that characterise our time. In her work, Thams deals with questions around working life and productivity, sociality and identity, public rhetoric, dominant (economic) notions of humanity, reciprocity, gender, bodily lived experience, and more. The human voice is a crucial part of Thams’ work, both as subject of interest and as raw material, which at the same time acts as subjective testimony and critical utterance.

Find her webpage here.

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