Nanna Lysholt Hansen

Works for Live Art Danmark
2015 Performance “Dear Daughter/Motherboard Theories of Evolution (w/Braidotti, Plant et aliae) #6” and video “Dear Daughter/Organic Cyborg Stories (After Donna Haraway) #5” at Kulstof 15.

Dear Daughter
At our 2015 festival, Kulstof 15, Nanna showed two parts of her “Dear Daughter” series, one a live performance, the other one a video. The video is the chronologically earlier contribution. In “Dear Daughter/Organic Cyborg Stories (After Donna Haraway) #5” we see an unchanging image of a human body, clad in a morphsuit, sitting cross legged in front of a mikrophone on a stand in a sharply outlined blue light. The figure has a large belly, as if pregnant. We hear a flat female voice, reading a letter to her unborn child, declaring to be a cyborg, her mother a computer, and expounding different issues resulting form this, to her future child. “Dear Daughter/Motherboard Theories of Evolution (w/ Braidotti, Plant et aliae) #6” was a 33 minutes live performance. The set up is very similar, baby squeaks integrated into the soundtrack, the figure is standing, and the blue light shaped in a circle. In a speech similar to the one on video, the figure addresses her now born child. “We will rock the future”.


About the Artist
Nanna has since 2003 used her body as a tool to investigate relationship between the body, location, situation and time. She holds an MFA degree from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art in Copenhagen, Denmark (2011) and a BFA degree from Kingston University, Faculty of Art Design & Music, London, UK (2005). In 2009/2010 she studied at The Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing, P.R. China

She has exhibited her work worldwide at venues such as Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Nikolaj Contemporary Art Center and Fotografisk Center in Copenhagen, OPEN Realization Contemporary Arts Centre, Li-Space and Visual Space in Beijing/China, The Danish Institute in Athens/Greece, Brandenburgischer Kunstverein in Potsdam/Germany, and at Pratt Manhattan Gallery in New York/United States.

Read more about Nanna’s work on her website.

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