Marita Bullmann

Works for Live Art Danmark
2015 “Acid Tears II” and “Foam From a Thousand Beers V” at Live Art for Børn 2

Acid Tears II
Marita begins her first performance for our second children’s festival standing very still wrapped head to tow in a blue piece of cloth. Moving very slowly she covers about two thirds of the distance across the gallery before, still in slow motion, she sheds the cloth. She continues towards the center of the space, the contours of her body now clearly visible in tight athletic clothes, with the same slow awkward movements as before. Watching her we are reminded of a strange insect shedding one identity to move into another.

Foam From a Thousand Beers V
In what seems to be the same gallery, some stations of everyday materials have been installed. Marita, after perfunctorily sweeping the floor, moves casually from one to the next, performing a specific action at each stop. The actions are punctuated by random people walking across the space in front of the back wall. The foam she creates by blowing bubbles in a bowl,  clearly does not originate from any kind of beer, but rather of soap. In a surprising twist, she hoists a large batch of foam up onto her shoulder, and walks acorss the space while it slowly slides across and of her body.

Both performances can be seen in the video below, Foam From a Thousand Beers V begins at minute 17:11.

About the Artist
Marita Bullmann is a performance, installation and photography artist who lives and works in Essen, Germany.

Within her work she examines situations that are present in our everyday life but not perceived consciously. Small, delicate moments illustrate how she detects the world around her. Materials are decontextualized from their original use and provided with new characteristics.

More info on her website.

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