Marita Bullmann

Marita Bullmann is a performance, installation and photography artist.
Lives and works in Essen, Germany.

Within my work I examine situations that are present in our everyday life but not perceived consciously.
Small, delicate moments illustrate how I detect the world around me.
Materials are decontextualized from their original use and provided with new different characteristics.

I explore moments in which the intrinsic context is transferred which communicates a gaze, an opinion as well as values, tempers and peculiarities.
My intention is to affect normal visual and perceptual mechanisms far away from their cultural coinages and to create a new ‘space’ that reminds us of how different we perceive things. I’m searching for images and actions which manifest the beauty of now and its simplicity.

Om liveart_dk blev grundlagt i 2004 for at udvikle miljøet for live art og performancekunst i Danmark igennem nytænkende koncepter og projekter. Siden 2004 har organiseret 10 store internationale festivals for børn og voksne, og over 40 andre events – Samtalekøkkener, bogudgivelser, video serier, symposier, residenser og mere indenfor kunst, kritik og dokumentation.