Elke Mark

Work for Live Art Denmark
2015 ARKENic at Live Art for Børn 2 at Arken

Elke begins her performance outside the museum space. Through the windows, we see her walking briskly across a deserted sandy construction site, covered head to toe in flowing blueish grey fabric. The image reminds us of a ghost, a witch, or another creature not quite from this world, as she approaches the museum in an almost floating stride, but with a purpose. Inside the auditorium she stands close to the kids and their parents entering the darkened space. Her robe slowly spreads out and closes, evoking images of a giant breathing mushroom or jellyfish. She lifts up the construction and drops it to the floor. The source of the powerful images is nothing but a parasol with a sheet draped over it. The performance continues with more images produced with simple materials in different rooms of the museum: In the theatre a white roll of paper is unrolled, its end  slowly floats down from the high ceiling. In one of the galleries, adjacent to the image of a skull, a long black ribbon is slowly pulled from the greatcoat the artist wears. Like spellbound, children and their parents follow the artist on this performative walking tour that brings a fairy tale atmosphere to modern Arken Museum.

About the Artist
Elke Mark was born and raised in Germany. She received a Diploma in audiovisual media from the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne in 2008 after studying in Kassel, Madrid, Amsterdam and Switzerland. In 2005 she was a master student of Professor Dorothee von Windheim at the Art Academy of Kassel. Besides exhibiting within Europe she researches „Sensous Knowledge“ and the OpenSession format in Performance Art since 2010. She received various residencies and scholarships and teaches Performance Art at the University of Flensburg. Elke Mark mainly works in performance art, textile and video-installation, focusing on communication and process.

Read more about Elke on her website (in German).

Om liveart_dk

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