Lone Twin

Work for Live Art Denmark
2010 Performance Lecture for Samtalekøkken, with Molly Haslund
2019 “Beastie” at Live Art for Børn 6 and Performance Recipies at Copenhagne Contemporary

Performance Lecture
In November 2010, Gary Winters , one half of the Lone Twin duo, then in transition from performance art to theatre makers, came to Copenhagen to present their work at Samtalekøkken. With the support of Molly Haslund, who worked with Lone Twin as a performer in their Lone Twin Theatre, he talked about how they met as art students, and showed video and slides of some of their work. Molly played the Ukulele to add some atmosphere to some of the videos, making it a musical performance lecture, that can be seen in the video below.

Lone Twin have since their foundation in 1997 frequently included  participative experiences in their work. With Beastie, they offered a playful adventure for children between the ages of 5 and 11. The kids took control of the story, and their imagination shaped the artistic work. In a workshop, participants imitated animals and helped to assemble a large monster, with one of the performers inside. Together they gave him a name and invented his story. Finally, they went outside on adventures with the strange creature, exploring the surroundings of the respective performance venues in Aalborg and Copenhagen.

About the Artists
Lone Twin and Lone Twin Theatre are committed to creating entertaining and hopeful works that appeal to a wide audience. Projects range from touring theatrical works to public projects created for specific community contexts.

Led by artists Gregg Whelan and Gary Winters Lone Twin is one of Europe’s leading performance companies. Celebrated for creating a broad range of projects, from theatrical productions to participatory public events, the company’s work is regularly shown across the world to popular and critical acclaim.

Lone Twin’s website is currently under development.

Om liveart_dk

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