Frisk Frugt with Orchestra feat. Kim Grønborg

Work for Live Art Denmark
2014 “Frisk Frugt and Orchestra” at Hitparaden 2

“Frisk Frugt” is Danish for “fresh fruit” and the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Anders Lauge Meldgaard. Since he debuted as Frisk Frugt with the album “Guldtrompeten” in 2006, he became a unique figure on the Danish music scene. At our Hitparaden 2 festival, Frisk Frugt played a special concert with orchestral backing and – icing on the cake – visual artist and musician Kim Grønborg contributing visuals to the show.


Foto: Peter Lind

About the Artist
Anders Lauge Meldgaard is the real name of the man behind Frisk Frugt. His roots are in the experimental music collective yoyooyoy, based in Berlin and Copenhagen. Together they have been involved in numerous music and art projects for over a decade. Under the alias Frisk Frugt he has released two albums, “Guldtrompeten” in 2006 and “Dansktoppen møder Burkina Faso i det himmelblå rum hvor solen bor” in 2010.

Frisk Frugt operates in his own quirky musical universe, where traditional Danish folk song writing and poetry are spiced up with elements from experimental rock, improvisation, drone, noise, electronica, lo-fi, free jazz and African high-life guitar in an unpretentious way. His music arises at the intersection between the programmed and the hand played, and the naive and the complex, where sonorous clouds of tones from home-built instruments, brutal guitar riffs, synth dreams and saxophone improvisations are mixed together in a colourful cocktail, full of dizzy and dazed energy and containing flavours from all over the world.


Foto: Peter Lind

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