Frau Hue

Works for Live Art Denmark
2014 “WURST – part of me TO GO” at Hitparaden 2
2017 “Get Out Of Jail, Free?” at Horsens Happening mit Hue/Boy.

WURST part of me – TO GO
Blood is a myth and a carrier of information. For “Wurst – part of me”, each participant donates some of their own blood and prepares a blood sausage following a vegan recipe. It is a transforming experience for all senses, transgressing borders between the poles of veganism and vampirism, autologous blood doping and self-destruction. An evening to try and discuss.

“WURST part of me – TO GO” in Copenhagen was supported by duckP (Dr. Martin Kleinschmidt), psychatrist and actor.


Photo: Peter Lind

Get Out Of Jail, Free?
Frau Hue is one half of the Hue/Boy label, that contributed several mini-LARPs to Horsens Happening in Horsens. They were developed specifically for the former city jail, and can still be played there. Find more info on the Hue/Boy page.

About the Artist
Frau Hue is Christiane Hütter, a gamedesigner and writer who has always been vegetarian, usually breeds a giant egg ( and makes concepts for games with Invisible Playground.

More about her projects can be found on this website.

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