Christian Schmidt Rasmussen

Works for Live Art Danmark
2014 Facepainting for Adults, Overgaden, Copenhagen
2016 Workshop “Afskedsfest for rumskibet, der skal flyve til universets ende”, Live Art for Børn, Nordkraft, Aalborg

Workshop “Afskedsfest for rumskibet, der skal flyve til universets ende”
The premise for this workshop was the idea that a giant space ship has been built in Aalborg. It’s take off for the end of the universe is imminent. The objective of the workshop was to prepare the celebration of its departure. In collaboration with the artist, the participating children wrote about the party, preparations for the upcoming space journey, the interior of the spaceship, and what Aalborg will look like in a hundred years.


Face Painting for Adults
For this project, we invited three well known visual artists to paint the faces of grown ups for one afternoon. Christian Schmidt Rasmussen was one of the artists, Kathrine Ærtebjerg and Anna Fro Vodder accompanied him. The facial paintings were, of course, temporary and could not be sold, much less at prices anywhere near of what these artist’s works normally fetch. The action was a humoristic comment on the commercial art market and the question of “value”. How is the value of a performance assessed?

afv 085


About the Artist
Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen trained at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. In the early 1990s, he participated in the artists-run “Baghusets” exhibitions. Since then, he had a number of solo exhibitions at Nicolai Wallner, one of the Denmark’s most prominent galleries. He has shown his paintings in several museums in Denmark and abroad and is represented at The National Gallery of Art.

Many examples of Christian’s work can be found on his homepage.

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