Anna Fro Vodder

Works with Liveart Danmark
2014 “Face Painting for Adults” at Overgaden, Copenhagen.

Face Painting for Adults
As a critical and humorous comment on the ways the art market asesses the value of art works, Live Art Denmark invited three established visual artists and painters, Kathrine Ærtebjerg, Christian Schmidt Rasmussen and Anna Fro Vodder, to create temporary artworks, using the faces of grown ups as their canvas. Participants were given a unique painting of a well known contemporary Danish artist for free. The only catch: The paintings were obviously temporary and therefore could not be sold at any price, much less the prices these artists usually obtain on the market. In extension, the action addressed the question how the value of performances is assessed.


About the Artist
Anna Fro Vodder was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she still lives and works. She also was educated in Copenhagne, at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Recent solo exhibitions include: “Afterglow, after all”, Huset for Kunst og Design, Holstebro, Denmark (2017), “Growing Things”, Four Boxes, Krabbesholm (2015), “Moving like an antique lizard”, Andersen’s Contemporary, Copenhagen, DK (2012), “Søllr”, Vest Himmerlands Kunstmusem, Aars, DK (2012), “Restless Confetti”, Space of Drawings, Copenhagen, DK (2011). Recent selected group exhibitions include: “The Essential Bruce Springsteen”, Andersens Contemporary, Copenhagen, Denmark (2015), “100 kvinder på kro – Byens kro”, Copenhagen, Denmark (2015), “Kvinder”, Horsens Kunstmusuem, Denmark (2015), ” Ansigtsmaling “, Overgaden, Copenhagen, DK (2014); “Contemporary art from Denmark”, European Central Bank, Frankfurt, DE (2014). Anna Fro Vodder is represented by Andersen’s Contemporary, Copenhagen.

Some of Anna’s works and an comprehensive CV can be found on her gallery’s webpage.

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