J&K performed “The Cave” at Hitparaden 2



Photos: Peter Lind

The Cave is a tribute to the origins of art making and explores liminal states of human and non‐human existence and of becoming other. Over the duration of 17 min a stage is created as a living tableaux transforming the space into a temporary cave. Five distinctly costumed characters inhabit, explore and construct The Cave as they interact, handle materials and paint each other in a slow and yet dramatic choreography structured by light and sound.


Performers: Linards Kulless, Christoph Mühlau, Philip Roitmann, Janne Schäfer, Mette Schwarz. Light on stage: Kristine Agergaard. Sound technical assistance: Matthias Wyder.

The artist duo J&K (Janne Schäfer, b. 1976, Darmstadt, DE and Kristine Agergaard b. 1975, Copenhagen, DK) have been working in collaboration since 1999 and are based in Berlin and Copenhagen. J&K’s artistic practice is fundamentally performative and engages various ways of relating performance to other media such as photography, installation, collage, sculpture, found objects, video and text.


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