Christian Schmidt Rasmussen

Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen is trained at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. In the early 1990s, he participated in the artists-run “Baghusets” exhibitions. Since then, he has had a number of solo exhibitions at Nicolai Wallner, one of the country’s most prominent galleries. He has shown his paintings in several museums at home and abroad and is represented at The National Gallery of Art.

For Live Art for Børn he will lead the workshop “Afskedsfest for rumskibet, der skal flyve til universets ende “: Aalborg has built a gigantic spaceship that will fly to the universe’s end. Now we will celebrate its departure. We write about the party and the preparations for the upcoming space travel, about how the spaceship looks like inside, and how Aalborg looks in a hundred years.


Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen was also a part of “Face Painting for Adults” at Overgaden 10/10 2014

Face Painting for Adults: The established artists and painters Kathrine Ærtebjerg, Christian Schmidt Rasmussen and Anna Fro Vodder were invited to create paintings in adult faces. The paintings were temporary and could not be sold at the prices, these artists would normally get. The action was a humoristic commentary to the commercial art market and the question of “value”. How is the value of a performance assessed?

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Om liveart_dk blev grundlagt i 2004 for at udvikle miljøet for live art og performancekunst i Danmark igennem nytænkende koncepter og projekter. Siden 2004 har organiseret 10 store internationale festivals for børn og voksne, og over 40 andre events – Samtalekøkkener, bogudgivelser, video serier, symposier, residenser og mere indenfor kunst, kritik og dokumentation.