Christian Etongo (CM)

Christian Etongo Works for Liveart Denmark 2016 COLAB Copenagen, collaboration with Jessie Kleemann Cameroon and Greenland are geographically separated by 8,058 kilometers. At a first look one can only see differences between these countries and their cultures, geography, climate conditions, traditions etc. Christian Etongo and Jessie Kleemann focus on one vital aspect that links both of their countries of origin: their colonial past. Their research specifically focusses on the disappearance of traditions and rituals as a consequence of colonialism and imperialist repression in their countries of origin. Christian and Jessie are interested in debating those consequences while reviving, today, those forgotten, often prohibited, rituals. “In our research, we discovered that […]

Jessie Kleemann (GL)

Jessie Kleemann Works for Live Art Denmark 2015 “Orsoq III, subarctic sushi!” at Kulstof 15 2016 Collaboration with Christian Etongo, COLAB Copenhagen Orsoq III, subarctic sushi! In her performance “Orsoq III, subarctic sushi!”, Jessie Kleemann, dressed in a revealing black dress and barefooted, works with a signature material of her home island, Greenland. She approaches a pile of blubber, laid out on an otherwise empty, black stage, and proceeds to handle the gresy material, balancing it on her hands, taking it into her mouth, letting it slide down her cleavage, cutting it with a special knife, and moving it across the stage. After each action, she stares at the audience, makes faces, […]