Anaïs Héraud

Works with Live Art Danmark

2013: Dawdle, Hitparaden 1

In English, to “dawdle” means to move aimlessly. The pronunciation is somewhat similar to the french word “dodeliner”, to nod one’s head slowly from one side to the other, like when following the rhythm of a song. Anaïs made a series of performancces all titled “Dawdle”, and each is a performative mind-map of desire. In the the captivatingly slow development of the Copenhagen edition, her body dialogues with materials like cinder blocks and dawdling dildos, and finally she buries love songs in soil.

Anaïs explains: “For this performance, I’m working with erotic objects of mass production. I believe that desire is the impulse for creativity. Working on my own desire’s aesthetic is a way for me to fight against its normative standard”.

About the Artist
Anaïs Héraud (b. 1988) is a performance and visual artist living and working in Berlin. She has an MFA in painting and performance art from the college of visual art E.N.S.A.V. Lacambre, Brussels. Her research is based around the aesthetical investigation of emotions and sensations. Recent performances: Transmediale, Berlin, Trouble Festival, Brussels; Dancekiosk, Hamburg…

Photo: Peter Lind

Photo: Peter Lind


Photo: Peter Lind

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