Hector Canonge

Hector Canonge performed two pieces at Hitparaden 1


Hector Canonges performance “SUR” is a multimedia performance evoking the southern skies of Latin America and the present conditions of plurinationalism in the continent. His public performance, “HOMBRE DE BARRO” / Man of Clay refers to the mythical origins of mankind in many ancient cultures, the ephemeral nature of our existence, and our creations as well as the inevitable passage of time.

Hector Canonge is an interdisciplinary artist based in New York City where he studied Comparative Literature, Filmmaking, and Integrated Media Arts. His work incorporates the use of new-media technologies, physical environments, cinematic and performance art narratives. In his work he explores and treats issues related to construction of identity, gender roles, and the politics of migration. Challenging the white box settings of a gallery or a museum, or intervening directly in public spaces his performances mediate movement, endurance, and ritualistic processes. Some of his actions and carefully choreographed performances involve collaborating with other artists and interacting with audiences.

More information: www.hectorcanonge.net

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