Tanja Ostojic

Work for Live Art Denmark
2004: ”The Integration Project 2000-2005: A Dinner Conversation” at Berliner Luft

The Integration Project 2000-2005: A Dinner Conversation
Tanja’s performance lecture, part of her „Integration Project” series, was entitled “A Dinner Conversation”. The audience was served food and wine while Tanja, her body completely covered by a burqa in military camouflage pattern, shows films and pictures from her projects. The audience is placed in a comfortable position while the works that are presented address “the others” – those who are not allowed to sit at the table in Denmark. The conversation is based on earlier parts of “The Integration Project“, which included her best known work, “Looking for a Husband with an EU Passport” which culminated in her marryiage with the German artist Klemens Golf.

Photo: Gert van der Pumperlei

Photo: Gert van der Pumperlei

About the Artist
Tanja  was born in 1972 in Yugoslavia. She is a Berlin based independent performance and interdisciplinary artist and cultural activist. She includes herself as a character in performances and uses diverse media in her artistic research, examining social configurations and relations of power. She works predominantly from the migrant woman’s perspective, while political positioning and integration of the recipient define approaches in her work.  Since 1994 she presented her work in numerous exhibitions, festivals and venues around the world. She has given talks, lectures, seminars and workshops at academic conferences and at art universities around Europe and in the Americas.

Read more on her projects on Tanja’s website.

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