Jørgen Teller

Work with Live Art Danmark
2014 “Static Teller” at Hitparaden 2

Static Teller
An amazing set of noisy voice and guitar improvisation of Jørgen Teller’s then brand new solo project. He calls it minimal rock goes synth’n’poetry.  Here he speeds up new minimalistic text with vibrant voice-delays, his electric guitar, Le Bastard, and static LFO-synths. Static Teller was created during Teller’s residency at Rotterdam’s avantgarde studio The Worm in early 2014. Teller “pressed rec” and used the studio’s load of old crazy machinery, including an ARP 2500, an EMSi and the Publison DHM89. The resulting handfull of suggestive static songs became his new solo-project.

About the Artist
Jørgen has a long career as electric guitarist, vocal and electronic musician and released many records solo and with Jørgen Teller & The Empty Stairs. He also co-labed and performed with many Danish and international players like Rhys Chatham, Fast Forward, David (Pere Ubu) Thomas & foreigners, Coal Hook (with Ron Schneiderman (Sunburned)), Jean-Francois Pauvros, Sofia Härdig, Otomo Yoshihide, Kasper Toeplitz, Jakob Draminsky, Kim Cascone, Lazara Rosell Albear and Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva.

Find more info and links to music samples on Jørgen’s website.

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