Joachim Hamou

Work for Live Art Danmark
2014 Video “Frame By Frame” for Now and Again

Frame By Frame
Joachim Hamou contributed the site-specific video “Frame by Frame” to Now and Again, our series of performance for video. The full title of the work was “Frame by frame – death by drowning – step by step – doubt by numbers – in your analysis” and it was exhibited on an iPad parallel to a photo exhibition by the Photographic Center [On the Go] at Nikolaj Kunsthal.

Joachim used video footage found on the Internet of a rat running on an escalator that moves in the opposite direction. The rat can’t reach the end of the escalator and is trapped in perpetual motion. Freedom remains forever out of reach. On the soundtrack we hear cacophonous organ music from the midnight mass at Daumenil Cathedral in Paris. The title of the work was derived from the text to a song from King Crimson’s album “Discipline” from 1981.


About the Artist
Joachim Hamou is an artist mostly making video and performances with a social agenda. He has a long list of collective and activist participations such as tv-tv, Trampoline House, Rio Bravo, castillo/corrales and Paraguay Press.

Find more info on the artist’s website, and read this interview about “Frame by Frame”.

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