Vittorio Osvaldo Tommasini (IT)

Vittorio Osvaldo Tommasini Work re-performed by Live Art Denmark 2018 “White and Black”, re-performance at Live Art for Kids 5 White and Black Tommasini, better known under his artist name “Farfa” (1879-1964), was a futurist poet and painter. He contributed to one of the best known Futurist works, the Futurist Cookbook by master Futurist Filippo Tomaso Marinetti from 1930. The cookbook collects a large number of recipes for artistic and performative cooking and eating. Farfa’s recipe for “White and Black” goes like this: “A one-man-show on the internal walls of the stomach consisting of free-form arabesques of whipped cream sprinkled with lime-tree charcoal. Contra the blackest indigestion. Pro the whitest […]