Work with Live Art Danmark
2023 “Musique de tables” by Thierry de May at Live Art for Children 2023.

Musique de Tables
The reknowned Copenhagne based ensemble for contemporary chamber music, Athelas Sinfonietta, came to our Live Art for Kids festival in 2023 to perform a new work by composrer Thierry die May: Music for tables. And it was just what the title promised: People drumming on tables. Only in this case, the people were highly skilled musicians, who made the ordinary sound of hammering onto a wooden surface into somehting sublimely musical and magical.


About the Artists
As a national ensemble for new compositional music, ATHELAS is committed to preserving and developing Danish compositional music, and every year we present a number of world premieres by Danish composers. That task defines our DNA and is crucial for our self-understanding. But we also see it as our task to present a Danish audience with groundbreaking trends from abroad. ATHELAS’ ambition is to be the preferred collaboration partner in the country when smaller music-dramatic and cross-aesthetic productions are to be staged. ATHELAS is a decisive piece in Danish musical life. We are a special ensemble with a requirement that we act at the very highest artistic level. We are proud to honor that. ATHELAS was founded in 1990.

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