Kate Mahony

Kate Mahony performed “Foley” at Hitparaden 2


Sampling traces its roots back to the technical experiments and manipulations of musicians and artists in the 1940s, finding its popular realisations in hip hop, electronic dance and industrial music of the 70s and 80s, Kate Mahony’s work is ad-hoc, transitory and lo-fi in production. Mahony devises works that respond directly to the exhibition or ‘gig’ at hand. Her practice is fueled by a sculptural sensibility and interest in minimalism, reacting to the architecture of the site and everyday objects, treating this information as elementary raw materials to make process-driven works that are spontaneous and question environment and situation.

Kate performed with her all girl post punk band “The Rainham Sheds” with Jenna Finch  and Rachel Dowle

She also performed with Disabled Avant-garde.


Om liveart_dk

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