Hesselholdt og Mejlvang

Work for Live Art Danmark
2022 Two Fools in a Sinking Boat, VR-installation at Friisland.

Two Fools in a Sinking Boat
We invited the Danish artist duo Hesselholdt og Mejlvang, consisting of Sofie Hesselholdt and Vibeke Mejlvang to make a VR-installation specifically for our project space Friisland. They delivered a performance in virtual reality. Their original work, “Two Fools in a Sinking Boat” was created for a single audience member at a time. The virutal reality presences of two fools (Hesselhold and Mejlvang in scary clowns costumes) circled the viewer inside Friisland art space, spewing rhymes and stanzas about the state of the earth on the brink of disaster. Poetic ramblings about climate, sea and sun, calling for action, trying for optoimism, getting caught up in all the contradictions of the privileged and their awareness, ending in despair. A melancholy solo experience in an alternative reality.

Photo: David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo

About the Artists
Hesselholdt & Mejlvang are a Danish artist duo who began working as a collective in 1999. Their practice is focused on site-specific, large-scale installations that investigate concepts of collective identity, and how these inform and are affected by socio-political structures. Rooted in extensive research as an integral modus operandi, their work often incorporates performance and active use of the public space. Site-specificity plays an important role, whether manifested outdoors or in a venue like an LED truck, an embassy, a remote forest, a newspaper, as a tattoo or inside an art institution.

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