Live Art Denmark

What is live art?

“Live Art is more a way of thinking and doing than a rigid artistic discipline. Much of its cultural value lies in its experiential and exploratory nature – in its approaches to, and negotiation of, ideas, experiences, and things”. (Alex Eisenberg, LADA, London)

Foto: Malle Madsen

photo: Malle Madsen

Live art is an umbrella term for various practices, where artists ask questions to the agreed reality, which they seek to answer personally; through real actions and experiments in real time and space. We are especially fond of investigations that include an audience as collaborators.

Live Art Denmark is fully funded by the Danish Art Council. Since 2004, we have developed several new strategies for engaging with intergenerational audiences, from live works and festivals to educational concepts and documentation for the VR format with a 360 degree camera.

Since 2021, we also have a venue, Friisland; a space for interdisciplinary and performative investigations of ideas. See

Our board: Mette Garfield (chairman), Matthias Borello, Kristoffer Bramsen, Camilla Sort, Bradley Allen.