Florian Feigl

Works with Live Art Danmark
2004 “Encyclopedia of Performance Art” at Hitparaden 1, with Wagner Feigl Festspiele
2011 “Prologue to 300″ at Samtalekøkkenet
2011 “Rambo Revisionist” at Samtalekøkkenet, with Jörn Burmester Wium
2014 “Teotwawki” at Hitparaden 2, with Jörn Burmester Wium and Mark Boombastik
2017 “Jeg skal baare lige…” for Live Art for Børn S/H.

Encyclopedia of Performance Art
With their performance-lecture “The Encyclopaedia of Performance Art” Wagner-Feigl-Forschung (Florian Feigl and Otmar Wagner) sketch out a complete and all encompassing catalogue of the world. In this live-action-research they guide us through the fields of performance art in past, present and future, presenting rare and well known photo-, video-, text- and sound footage, Wagner-Feigl-Forschung show how all elements of performance art (and, ultimately, the world) are connected to each other.

Prologue to 300
Florian performed “Prologue to 300″ at Samtalekøkken. It was the introduction to an initiated, conducted and concluded within 300 seconds. Five minutes of time one should be able to spare every day, and five minutes should suffice for literally any transformation to run its course. Five minutes can never be too much to ask. It is a rather small unit of time that immediately makes sense to everyone. It is long enough to enable different ways of experiencing it. For some, it is over when it has just begun, for others, it is endless.

Rambo Revisionist
Together with Jörn Burmester Wium he returned to Copenhagen to perform “Rambo Revisionist”. Ten years after their notorious series of performance lectures about action movies, Jody Foster, 9/11 and the onset of the war in Afghanistan, they revisited the format to see where it still hurts.

Together with Jörn Burmester Wium and Mark Boombastik, he returned to Copenhagen again, when Hitparaden 2 hit Pumpehuset in September 2014. With TEOTWAWKI they presented a dark performance about the prepper movement and all the possible reasons why the end of the world is near, once again setting out to explore human behaviour under extreme circumstances with the means of performance art on a theatrical stage. The audience was hearded into a fenced of encampment, a large black wheel of fortune determined which catastrophes – from climate change to zombie apocalypse – would befall us on the day of the performance, and long walks were undertaken in search of food and equipment, intensified by dark electronic sounds and cut up videos by Mark Boombastik.

At Hitparaden 2 Florian and Jörn also presented a round table talk on “Performer Stammtisch”, a format for the documentation and critique of performance art that they ran in Berlin between 2003 and 2013. It inspired our Samtalekøkken.


Jeg skal baare lige…
At Live Art for Børn S/H, Florian hosted the performance workshop “JEG SKAL BAARE LIGE …” assisted by Karin Bergman, based on his exploration of the 5 minute timespan in his series 300.

About the Artist

Florian is a performance artist; he lives and works in Berlin. Since 1997 he creates and realizes performance art work in Germany and throughout Europe. His work happens in galleries or on a boat, in a former cinema or on a gravel pit, on paper or in the web, on a field or in theaters. The work often starts from strict conceptual frames and propositions. Collaborative relations between human and non-human bodies, environment and technology, performer and audiences inform artistic decisions and aesthetics in the making. Formats of publication are often – though by far not always – live and time based.

More info on Florian’s website.

Om liveart_dk

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