Jörn Burmester Wium (DE/DK)

Jörn Burmester Wium Works with Live Art Danmark 2009 “My Last Performance” for the launch of our book about the Berliner Luft festivals 2011 DIVA Artist in residence, “Performance Art is live, Theatre ist Death” 2011 “Random Rants”, Acts festival Roskilde 2011 “Rambo Revisionist” at Samtalekøkken 2014 “Teotwawki” and presentation of Performer Stammtisch at Hitparaden 2 Jörn is a permanent collaborator of Live Art Denmark as a consultant and writer. My Last Performance When we presented the book about our four Berliner Luft festivals at Warehouse 9 in November 2009, Jörn performed  “My Last Performance”. Reading from 200 index cards what “this, his last performance” should or should not contain, explore, […]

Gob Squad (DE/UK)

Gob Squad Works for Live Art Denmark 2009 “Gob Squad’s Kitchen” at Berliner Luft 4 Gob Squad’s Kitchen The performance takes one of Andy Warhol’s famous art films, Kitchen, as its starting point. Nothing much happens in the original film yet it somehow encapsulates the hedonistic experimental energy of the swinging sixties. Learning lines was considered ‘old fashioned’ so the actors just hang around. Sex, drugs and wild parties are referred to but nothing in particular takes place. Gob Squad set themselves the task of reconstructing Kitchen and other Warhol films, like Eat, Sleep and Screen Test. How can they get it just right? How do they know if they’re […]

Florian Feigl (DE)

Florian Feigl Works with Live Art Danmark 2004 “Encyclopedia of Performance Art” at Hitparaden 1, with Wagner Feigl Festspiele 2011 “Prologue to 300″ at Samtalekøkkenet 2011 “Rambo Revisionist” at Samtalekøkkenet, with Jörn Burmester Wium 2014 “Teotwawki” at Hitparaden 2, with Jörn Burmester Wium and Mark Boombastik 2017 “Jeg skal baare lige…” for Live Art for Børn S/H. Encyclopedia of Performance Art With their performance-lecture “The Encyclopaedia of Performance Art” Wagner-Feigl-Forschung (Florian Feigl and Otmar Wagner) sketch out a complete and all encompassing catalogue of the world. In this live-action-research they guide us through the fields of performance art in past, present and future, presenting rare and well known photo-, video-, […]

Eva Meyer-Keller (DE)

Eva Meyer-Keller Works for Live Art Danmark 2007 “Death is Certain” at Berliner Luft 3 2018 “Sounds like Catastrophes” at Live Art for Børn (with Sybille Müller) 2019 “Sounds like Catastrophes”, recipe for Performanceopskrifter (with Sybille Müller) Death is Certain Have you ever wondered how you would murder a cherry? In this performance that we showed at Berliner Luft 3, German artist Eva Meyer-Keller comes up with just about every possible way. Cherries are smashed, popped, electrocuted, burned and  hanged, as the performer, dressed in a white labcoat,  matter-of-factly tries them all out in this amusing and slightly scary performance. Sounds Like Catastrophes For our festival Live Art for Children […]

Christian Falsnaes (DK/DE)

Christian Falsnaes Works for Live Art Danmark 2011 Performance Lecture, Samtalekøkkenet 2013 “Fulfilling Your Expectations”, Hitparaden 1 2014 “Existing Things (2010)” at Samtalekøkken/Madhouse Helsinki 2014 “Now and Then” video performance for Now and Again 2019/21 “Surface Memory” as part of Playing Up Performance Lecture For our Samtalekøkken, Christian improvised a performance lecture about two of his own performances, which he presented on video. The first performance, a collaboration with the Zurich based Danish artist Søren Berner, was called “First Person”.  The performers lead small groups of audience through an abandoned building and confront them close up with a wild mix of text, physical action and video projection. The audience, as […]

Claudia Splitt (DE)

Claudia Splitt Works for Live Art Danmark2007 “Recycle” at Berliner Luft 3 RecycleThe German singer and performer Claudia Splitt dissected love songs in this performance that explored the emotional reality behind the seeming shallowness of famous love songs. Claudia appeared dressed like a 1950s pin up model, draped over a large suitcase on an otherwise empty stage, reminiscent of a doll who was going through the extreme emotional states of a break up. Her song “Recycle” was studded with allusions to famous love songs, thus integrating herself into a long line of pop culture artists. On a video with German subtitles the song was repeated, and in between the numbers […]