Boris Nieslony (DE)

Boris Nieslony Work for Live Art Danmark 2015 “Nature Study” and Group Performance with Black Market International at Kulstof 15, Aalborg Nature Study Boris began his performance by observing a row of seven fairly large stones that previously had been installed in a line across a narrow street. He preoceeded to move the stones along the street one by one in different ways. Some were held close to his body, in the crook of his arm, others  balanced on his head or on the back of the neck and upper back. Occasionally the sharp sound of a rock crashing on pavement segmented the slow, meditative action. Temporary sculptures occurred: Boris […]

Jürgen Fritz (DE)

Jürgen Fritz Work for Live Art Danmark 2015 “Breath, Rhythm, Guitar Tuner” and group performance with Black Market International at Kulstof 15 Breath, Rhythm, Guitar Tuner A simple set up leads to speactacular results in this performance. Jürgen, dressed in black suit and white shirt, holds a guitar tuning device in his mouth. Breathing in and out respectively produces three of the tones the six strings of a guitar are usually tuned to. Jürgen breathes in and out through the device, changing rhythms and intensity, creating a highly personal music by making the physical transformations his body goes through imediately audible to a stunned audience. Black Market International Jürgen is […]

Helge Meyer (DE)

Helge Meyer Works for Live Art Denmark 2015 Group performance with Black Market International and solo performance “Home Stories 3” at Kulstof 15, Aalborg. Home Stories 3 As the last contribution to Kulstof 15, Helge performed Homestories 3, a solo performance. The audience was invited to write thoughts or wishes onto stones that were then taped onto Helge’s body. Weighted down by the rocks, Helge took the audience for a walk to the nearby harbour, where he cast the stones one by one into the water, performing a ritual of absolution. Black Market International Helge also performed with the legendary performance association Black Market International. A movie about the festival, […]

Black Market International

Black Market International Work with Live Art Danmark 2015 Group performance at Kulstof 15, Nordkraft, Aalborg Group Performance For a long durational performance, the artists who collectively perform under the legendary moniker of Black Market International took over the vast hall of the culture centre Nordkraft in the Danish city of Aalborg, a former coal fired power plant. Starting with a selection from their huge archive of helpful objects and action-images, amassed in more than 30 yeas of common practice, they quietly set out to act and interact, shape the atmosphere and temperature of the space for the given time of six hours. As always with Black Market, there was […]


J&K Work for Live Art Danmark 2014 “The Cave” at Hitparaden 2 The Cave The Cave is a tribute to the origins of art making and explores liminal states of human and non‐human existence and of becoming other. Over the duration of 17 minutes, a stage is created as a living tableaux, transforming the space into a temporary cave. Five costumed characters inhabit, explore and construct The Cave as they interact, handle materials and paint each other in a slow and yet dramatic choreography structured by light and sound. Performers: Linards Kulless, Christoph Mühlau, Philip Roitmann, Janne Schäfer, Mette Schwarz. Light on stage: Kristine Agergaard. Sound technical assistance: Matthias Wyder. […]

Frau Hue (DE)

Frau Hue Works for Live Art Denmark 2014 “WURST – part of me TO GO” at Hitparaden 2 2017 “Get Out Of Jail, Free?” at Horsens Happening mit Hue/Boy. WURST part of me – TO GO Blood is a myth and a carrier of information. For “Wurst – part of me”, each participant donates some of their own blood and prepares a blood sausage following a vegan recipe. It is a transforming experience for all senses, transgressing borders between the poles of veganism and vampirism, autologous blood doping and self-destruction. An evening to try and discuss. “WURST part of me – TO GO” in Copenhagen was supported by duckP (Dr. […]

Phace & Misanthrop (DE)

Phace & Misanthrop Work for Live Art Danmark 2014 Phace & Misanthrop played a set at Hitparaden 2 About the Artists Phace and Misanthrop are Drum and Bass Producers and DJs from Germany. They collaborate as Neosignal. Phace and Misanthrop both have entries on Wikipedia. Phace’s is in English, Misanthrop’s is only available in German. Neosignal has a website with many more links. Of course they are on Soundcloud: Listen to Phace, Misanthrop, or Neosignal.

Mark Boombastik (DE)

Mark Boombastik Works for Live Art Danmark 2014 Concert and performance “Teotwawki” at Hitparaden 2 Concert What could you possibly say about a concert by Mark Boombastik? He is the only experimental beat boxer we know. Listen, learn and enjoy. Teotwawki At Hitparaden 2, Mark also performed with Jörn J. Burmester and Florian Feigl in Teotwawki. The trio presented a dark performance about the prepper movement, exploring human behaviour under extreme circumstances with the means of performance art on a theatrical stage. The audience was hearded into a fenced of encampment, a large black wheel of fortune determined which catastrophes – from climate change to zombie apocalypse – would befall […]

And many Others

Other guests: Francesca Romana Ciardi (IT), Thomas Dambo (DK), Nebahat Erpolat (AU),  Anders Benmouyal (DK), Peter Rørbæk (DK), Chez Debs (DK), Rachel Dowle (UK), Black Note (DK/FR), Julian Maynard Smith (UK), Zlatko Buric (DK), Nils Grøndahl (DK), DJ Jazzfrans & Odine (DK), Peter Tinning (DK), Louis Keidan (UK), Martin O´Brien (UK), Christine Borch (DK), Carsten Friberg (DK), Horwitz & Hess (DE), Svend E Kristensen (DK), Morten Koefoed (DK), Kathrine Karlsen (DK), Johanna Linsley (UK), Alex Eisenberg (UK), Diana Damian (UK), Maddy Costa (UK),  Rachel Lois Clapham (UK), Ida Marie Hede Bertelsen (DK), Katrine Dirckinck-Holmfeld (DK), Christine Fentz (DK), Værkstedet Værst (DK), Why Be (DK), Sune Petersen/Motorsaw (DK), Robert Kuzborski (DK), Alberto Lomas (ES), […]

Vinyl Terror and Horror (DK/DE)

Vinyl Terror and Horror Work for Live Art Denmark 2012 Concert for Samtalekøkken Concert In Februar 2012, Vinyl Terror and Horror gave a concert at Samtalekøkken. In the video we see Camilla and Greta, the members of Vinyl Terror and Horror, bathed in uncanny red light, working concentratedly behind an impressive array of electronics connected by cobwebs of cables. So far, just what you would expect from an experimental sound performance. But wait! These aren’t really electronics they are manipulating. They are actually old analogue record players in differrnt states of disembowelment, rebuilt to emit fragments of sounds and rhythms that were not pressed onto the records they spin. Apropriately, […]