Om liveart_dk was founded in 2004 in Copenhagen to promote the discussion, documentation and development of live art in Denmark. The organisation is equally inspired by the imaginative and entertaining English Live Art tradition as by the theoretical and political German theatre tradition. We have organised 10 large international festivals of Live Art for kids and adults since 2004, and over 40 discussion events, books, video series, symposia and more in the field of live art, performance art, art criticism and documentation. We collaborate with theatres, music venues, art museums and festivals in Denmark and internationally.

Mark Boombastik (DE)

Mark Boombastik Works for Live Art Denmark 2014: Concert and performance “Teotwawki” at Hitparaden 2 Concert What could you say about a concert by Mark Boombastik? Listen, learn and enjoy. Teotwawki At the same festival Mark performed with Jörn J. Burmester and Florian Feigl in Teotwawki. The trio presented a dark performance about the prepper movement, exploring human behaviour under extreme circumstances with the means of performance art on a theatrical stage. The audience was hearded into a fenced of encampment, a large black wheel of fortune determined which catastrophes – from climate change to zombie apocalypse – would befall us on the day of the performance, and long walks […]

Claus Ejner (DK)

Claus Ejner Works for Live Art Danmark 2014: “Performance om det at være til”, Hitparaden 1 Performance om det at være til Claus Ejner spoke Danish and wrote in Danish on the posters he used throughout his performance at Hitparaden 1 festival. The title might be translated as “Performance on what will be”. He began standing on stage motionless with a poster around his neck stating that he is normal and that this is a performance that deals with locking out the outside world. He remains motionless for some minutes, fingers stuffed in his ears. He then worked his way through a series of microperformances, each resulting in a still […]

Søren Krag (DK)

Søren Krag Work for Live Art Denmark 2014: “Nu(?)” at Hitparaden 2 Nu(?) Søren brtought some friends along for his performance “Nu(?)” at our second Hitparaden festival of international performance art. On a projection in the back of the small stage a wild chain of video association run, while the performers in the foreground remain half obscure in the half light. Phantastic costume creations and kitsch props clash with documentary film snippets from the Iraq war, until the screen, too is taken over by a performer in a monster mask, rolling in a bathtub crying for his mom. A disturbing tour de force of images and sounds. About the Artist […]

Mathias Tornvig (DK)

Mathias Tornvig Work for Live Art Denmark 2014: “Maraudered Marallat-lal’lalallal…” at Hitparaden 2 Maraudered Marallat-lal’lalallal… The title of this performance that Mathias created for our second Hitparaden festival was actually much longer. The first picture below displays it in its entire length. If this seems slightly confusing, the artist delivers a typewritten protocol, describing in detail what he plans to do: After collecting contributions from festival goers, fellow artists and random passers by, Mathias dives into a furios live performance, using a threadbare stand up comedy setting. That is: himself and a mikrophone on stage. It looked like this: Here are two more explanatory texts by the artist: And here, […]

Ayaka Okutsu (JP)

Ayaka Okutsu Works for Live Art Danmark 2014 “EL-O”, two performances for Hitparaden 2, with Stina Hasse and Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath EL-O Group Performance The performance EL-O that Ayaka created for our performance art festival was realised in collaboration with Stina Hasse and Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath. Dressed in lab coats like old school scientists, the performers set out to raise awareness for the electromagnetic signals that surround us everywhere, in the air we breathe as well as in the things we touch. Because normally we cannot see, hear or feel electromagnetic signals, the performers converted the signals into light and sound, making their beauty accessible for human senses. EL-O Solo The second […]

Panoply Performance Laboratory (US)

Panoply Performance Laboratory Work for Live Art Denmark 2013: “Any Size Mirror is a Dictator” at Hitparaden 1 Any Size Mirror is a Dictator For our first Hitparaden festival of performance art, Panoply Performance Laboratory, in their own words “actualized a framework from their current long-form social performance in progress, Any Size Mirror is a Dictator, a relational opera of refractions and “inaccurate” reflections”. Outside in a rainy Copenhagen night, performers Valerie Kuehne, Brian McCorkle and Esther Neff transformed the complex theoretical theorems of their personal libretti into weird, striking images, invloving the audience into micro rituals, performed with everyday objects like a ketchup bottle and a meat tenderizer, ice cubes […]

And many Others

Other guests: Francesca Romana Ciardi (IT), Thomas Dambo (DK), Nebahat Erpolat (AU),  Anders Benmouyal (DK), Peter Rørbæk (DK), Chez Debs (DK), Rachel Dowle (UK), Black Note (DK/FR), Julian Maynard Smith (UK), Zlatko Buric (DK), Nils Grøndahl (DK), DJ Jazzfrans & Odine (DK), Peter Tinning (DK), Louis Keidan (UK), Martin O´Brien (UK), Christine Borch (DK), Carsten Friberg (DK), Horwitz & Hess (DE), Svend E Kristensen (DK), Morten Koefoed (DK), Kathrine Karlsen (DK), Johanna Linsley (UK), Alex Eisenberg (UK), Diana Damian (UK), Maddy Costa (UK),  Rachel Lois Clapham (UK), Ida Marie Hede Bertelsen (DK), Katrine Dirckinck-Holmfeld (DK), Christine Fentz (DK), Værkstedet Værst (DK), Why Be (DK), Sune Petersen/Motorsaw (DK), Robert Kuzborski (DK), Alberto Lomas (ES), […]

French & Mottershead (UK)

French & Mottershead Work for Live Art Denmark 2014 “Afterlife” at Hitparaden 2. Afterlife UK-based artists Rebecca French and Andrew Mottershead presented Afterlife at Hitparaden 2. The immersive performance was part of a series of works reflecting on the death of the body and its relationship to place and time. Lying on a towel on a wooden deck, each audience member equipped with a mp3 player, the work consisted of an audio narrative that invited listeners on a poetic journey beyond their own death, and through the natural processes of decomposition in a woodland setting, compressing decades into minutes. The development of the work was supported by Cifas, Brussels. About […]

Adam Young (UK)

Adam Young Work with Live Art Danmark 2015 Skype Performance for Samtalekøkken, Royal Theatre School, Copenhagen. Skype Performance On the sixth of June 2015, Adam Young performed at one of our Samtalekøkken events which was held at the Royal Theater School in Copenhagen. Or actually he didn’t. He performed somewhere near a park in Leeds. His performance was broadcasted live via Skype to our event. During Adam’s performance, the young acting sutdents fell completely silent. Many of them literally sat with open mouths: they had never seen anything like this before! The rest of us just watched a good performance. Adam chewed a whole packet of chewing gum and worked […]

Christian Schmidt Rasmussen (DK)

Christian Schmidt Rasmussen Works for Live Art Danmark 2014 Facepainting for Adults, Overgaden, Copenhagen 2016 Workshop “Afskedsfest for rumskibet, der skal flyve til universets ende”, Live Art for Børn, Nordkraft, Aalborg Workshop “Afskedsfest for rumskibet, der skal flyve til universets ende” The premise for this workshop was the idea that a giant space ship has been built in Aalborg. It’s take off for the end of the universe is imminent. The objective of the workshop was to prepare the celebration of its departure. In collaboration with the artist, the participating children wrote about the party, preparations for the upcoming space journey, the interior of the spaceship, and what Aalborg will […]