Om liveart_dk was founded in 2004 in Copenhagen to promote the discussion, documentation and development of live art in Denmark. The organisation is equally inspired by the imaginative and entertaining English Live Art tradition as by the theoretical and political German theatre tradition. We have organised 10 large international festivals of Live Art for kids and adults since 2004, and over 40 discussion events, books, video series, symposia and more in the field of live art, performance art, art criticism and documentation. We collaborate with theatres, music venues, art museums and festivals in Denmark and internationally.

Joshua Sofaer (UK)

Joshua Sofaer Works with Live Art Danmark 2010 “Talk”, performance lecture at Samtalekøkken 2018 Residency in collaboration with Statens Teaterskole Talk “Talk” was a hugely entertaining lecture on Joshua’s own development as an artist and some projects he realised, presented at Samtalekøkken in October 2010. Due to the small amount of data YouTube allowed to be uploaded at the time, the video is divided into three parts. The first part of the lecture can be seen below, parts two and three here and here respectively. Residency In a collaboration between Live Art Denmark and Statens Teaterskole we invited Joshua back for a residence in January and February of 2018. During […]

Joakim Stampe (S)

Joakim Stampe Work for Live Art Danmark 2012 “Daddy’s Flag in Red, White and Fire” at Samtalekøkken Daddy’s Flag in Red, White and Fire After moving the audience to positions he desires, Joakim unfolds a large red cloth. Loud opera music plays while he places a bucket of white paint on the cloth, dips his foot in it and proceeds to mark the two white lines of the Danish flag by walking the length of the cloth. With the Danish flag completed, he moves to a piece of brown paper attached to one wall of the space, and paints on it with an invisible fluid. The lights go out, he […]

Jane Jin Kaisen (DK)

Jane Jin Kaisen Work with Live Art Danmark 2012 “A Bedtime Story” at Samtalekøkken A Bedtime Story Jane Jin Kaisen performed “A Bedtime Story” at Samtalekøkkenet in December 2012. Calmly speaking to her own infant child who she carried around wrapped in a blanket, she told the story of her own motherhood, including the practical challenges it came with. She talked at length about the difficulty of finding a place in daycare for her child, worrying about finding the best possible one, and many other issues that come with becoming and being a parent. The entire story is narrated in the third person, giving it a distanced, almost fairy tale […]

Jakob Jakobsen (DK)

Jakob Jakobsen Work for Live Art Danmark 2011 “Byggeren overgiver sig aldrig” at Samtakekøkken. Byggeren overgiver sig aldrig For Samtalekøkkenet in November 2011, Jakob performed the live radio play “Byggeren overgiver sig aldrig” (translates roughly to “the builder never gives up”) in collaboration with Anders Remmer. The performance of this radical piece (both in content and in sound-aethetics) on riots and questions around who owns the city can be seen and heard in the video below. About the Artist Jakob Jakobsen (f. 1965) studied at the Royal Art Academy of Copenhagen from 1989 to 1995. He is active as a visual artist, activist, writer, curator and teacher. He was involved […]

Goodiepal (FO)

Goodiepal Works with Live Art Denmark 2013 Performance Lecture at Samtalekøkken 2016 “Open Music Workshop” by Goodiepal og Venner at Live Art for Børn 3 2017 “Write a letter to Goodiepal & Pal’s Friends” at Live Art for Børn 4 2020 “Trancedance” and “Widerstandstanz” (Resistance Dance) at Live Art für Kinder at Kampnagel, Hamburg/Germany 2021 “Trancedance” audience remake edition for “Playing Up – Nordic Edition” 2022 “Intergenerational Art” at Friisland opening. Performance Lecture Goodiepal gave the following performance lecture about his work at our Samtalekøkken at Kunsthal Nikolaj in March 2013: Open Music Workshop With his band Goodiepal & Pals, Goodiepal invited audience members of all ages to come and […]

Helena Hei-Sook Park (DK)

Helena Hei-Sook Park Work for Live Art Denmark 2010: “Slagter Grøntsager” at Samtalekøkken Slagter Grøntsager It is a cold November night in Copenhagen’s notorious Kødbyen, the former slaughterhouse district. Crouching on the ground close to a brick wall, a figure clad in black fur commits a series of brutal murders. The victims are several heads of cabbage and a large pumpkin, massacred and shredded to bits with an impressive arsenal of knives and cleavers. The pumpkin even gets infused with tomato pulp blood before its demise to make the spectacle more gorey. All the evidence, bits and pieces of veggies, gets thrown into a large cooking pot, where they are […]

Hector Canonge (BO)

Hector Canonge 2013 “Sur” and “Hombre de Barrio” at Hitparaden 1 Sur Hector Canonge’s piece “Sur” was a multimedia performance evoking the southern skies of Latin America and the present conditions of plurinationalism in the continent by celebrating an ritual that included dry earth, several costume changes, and bondage using ribbons in the Argentinian national colors. Youtube was so concerned about your innocence that it won’t let you watch the documentation here. You have to be 18 and go to their page. Hambre de Barro/Man of Clay Hector’s second performance for Hitparaden 1 took place in public space. Dressed all in black with a pretty tie, he proceeds to cover […]

Gwendoline Robin (BE)

Gwendoline Robin Works for Live Art Denmark 2013 2 performances for Hitparaden 1. Performance 1 Exposing her body to fire and explosives is probably the part of Gwendoline’s work that she is most known for. The image below, photographed by Malle Madsen, was taken exactly in the most explosive moment of Gwendoline’s first performance at our festival Hitparaden 1. Standing on a metal staircase outside the festival venue, covered head to toe in a diy safety suit, her body is briefly lit up by a series of explosions. In a second image, fire quickly and menacingly creeps up the stairs along a lit fuse, until it again reaches the performer’s […]

Gob Squad (DE/UK)

Gob Squad Works for Live Art Denmark 2009 “Gob Squad’s Kitchen” at Berliner Luft 4 Gob Squad’s Kitchen The performance takes one of Andy Warhol’s famous art films, Kitchen, as its starting point. Nothing much happens in the original film yet it somehow encapsulates the hedonistic experimental energy of the swinging sixties. Learning lines was considered ‘old fashioned’ so the actors just hang around. Sex, drugs and wild parties are referred to but nothing in particular takes place. Gob Squad set themselves the task of reconstructing Kitchen and other Warhol films, like Eat, Sleep and Screen Test. How can they get it just right? How do they know if they’re […]

Frans Jacobi (DK)

Frans Jacobi Works for Live Art Denmark 2011 “Silent Stand” at Samtalekøkkenet. 2014 “Goldman” at Hitparaden 2. Silent Stand For Samtalekøkkenet in April 2011, Frans directed and performed in the group performance “Silent Stand” from his performance series “The Aesthetics of Resistance”. A rather shabby mummy and several other figures, including a group of predominantly white bellydancers, silently move through a number of tableaux, while a disembodied female voice connects the images they produce to events of the political uprising going on at the time in Egypt. Introducing Goldman In this solo-performance, Frans Jacobi becomes ‘Goldman’, a figure that obviously is meant to symbolize the elusive powerstructures of global economy. […]