Samtalekøkkenet is an activity under Liveart.dk, an organisation dedicated to promoting performance art, which was founded in 2004. We seek to promote the critical discussion of performative art as a concept-based, interdisciplinary artistic strategy.

We use the term “performative art” as an umbrella that spans: Live Art (works inspired by or coming from theatre, especially in having a strong relation to the audience), Performance Art (performance as a language of images and movements, that is often without words) and finally Interdiciplinary Art (the research of a concept or an idea is regarded performative in itself, but may involve several (other) media.

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Samtalekøkkenet is a platform, which introduces performance artists to the wider audience in Denmark. We present 3-4 artists on a long night once a month. The entrance and a meal are for free. We find interesting and appropriate venues for each event, from the small and intimate gallery space to clubs, museums and factories. For each evening, we invite critics to talk and artists to present themselves, show a short performance or a work in progress. Samtalekøkkenet aims to engage our guests in a discussion and exchange of ideas. We want the critical discourse to influence the development of new works by artists.

We wish for our guests to feel at home and to feel invited to join in the conversation about the performances shown. Although we sometimes invite newspaper critics to give a live review, we are not interested in passing judgements, but instead to develop a general critical discourse around live art and performance in Denmark. Through discussing HOW to discuss live art, we will raise an awareness of the importance of a discourse for the development of artworks.

A new, process-based art form calls for a critical feedback, that is correspondingly live, participatory and directed at the process and development of artworks. The method is simple: Contrasting the artist’s intention and original idea with the outcome and the experience, that the audience had, interesting discussions about abstract topics of audience, role, expectations etc. unfold. We focus on concepts, ideas and development – not on the specific art form. This enables a diverse audience of 60-110 artists, academics and students to participate in the discussion on equal terms, regardless of their specific field of expertise.

We use discussion as a means to three ends: the development of artworks, the development of a critical, participatory audience, and finally; the development of a new kind of critical feedback and discourse for Live Art in Denmark.

Feel free to contact us at sk@liveart.dk

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