COLAB Copenhagen – Contested Concepts

„Until the lions invent their own historicans, the story of the hunt will be told by the hunter“

African proverb

Ato Malinda (Kenia), Christian Etongo (Cameron), Odun Orimolade (Nigeria), Jelili Atiku (Nigeria), Ammar Abo Bakr (Ägypten), David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo (Columbia), Ali Toffan (Irak) und Wathiq Alameri (Irak) sind eingeladet, zusammen mit auserwählten Repräsentanten für das offizielle Dänemark, neue Werke und Prozesse zu entwickeln. Mehr info auf Englisch hier:

COLAB Copenhagen

Marcio Cavalho über COLAB:

„The program tries to think about performance and memory as forms for transmitting knowledge: How we learn through our individual and collective bodies, how we embody the archive and how we participate as audience, witnesses or participants in particular histories. The program will give special focus to the relations between performance and memory by analyzing various aspects of remembering and forgetting as two sides of a proces that shapes our thinking, experience and imagination.“