Alison Knowles (US)

ALISON KNOWLES (US) Alison Knowles (born 1933) is an American visual artist known for her installations, performances, soundworks, and publications. Knowles was a founding member of the Fluxus movement, the experimental avant-garde group formally founded in 1962. For the Live Art for Children 2018, we are recreating a work after a recipe by Alison Knowles. Proposition #2, Make a Salad was performed for the first time in London 1962. Come help us make a salad for the opening of the festival outside Brandts! 100 mennesker blander en salat sammen! Vær med når vi åbner festivalen ”Live Art for Børn” ved at blande en enorm salat sammen på Amfiscenen foran Brandts. Vi […]

Vittorio Osvaldo Tommasini (IT)

Vittorio Osvaldo Tommasini (IT) also called “Farfa” (1879-1964), was a futurist poet and painter. In the futurist cookbook (1930), he has this recipe: “A one-man-show on the internal walls of the stomach consisting of free-form arabesques of whipped cream sprinkled with lime-tree charcoal. Contra the blackest indigestion. Pro the whitest teeth.” In our festival Live Art for Children 2018, you are invited to paint your own internal painting by digesting coal and cream!