Joachim Hamou (FR)

Joachim Hamou Joachim Hamou, artist mostly making video and performances with a social agenda, lately part of castillo/corrales in Paris. Joachim Hamou made the video “Frame by Frame” for Now and Again Read Tobias Linnemann Ewe text about Joachim Hamou’s work here (sorry Danish only):

Erik Pold (DK)

Erik Pold Erik Pold is a part of Norpol, who presented “Teheran Mon Amour” at Hitparaden 1 As a part of Now and Again, he created the video “9 TO 5 IN 7,5” Erik Pold has also been a guest performer in several of Gob Squads performances. Including “Gob Squad’s Kitchen” at Berliner Luft 4:

Stine Marie Jacobsen (DK)

Stine Marie Jacobsen Stine Marie Jacobsen works in a multidisciplinary way with performance, video, photography and text. Central themes that recur throughout her projects include cinema, gender archetypes, anonymity, death, violence, and mediation as a generic form. For Samtalekøkkenet April 2011, she presented “The Entity” with Ib Kjeldsmark: For Turku Biennial 2013 she created Idle No More, 2013, HD Video, 16’30. A videowork, where a group of strangers were invited to dine and have a conversation. Videostill: And for Now and Again, 2014, she created the videowork: “der den die die”

Olof Olsson (S/DK)

Olof Olsson At Samtalekøkkenet Olof presented “The history of Disco” At Hitparaden 1 he presented “Driving Blues Away” where we get to follow Bill Gates’ seduction of Olof Olsson’s girlfriend at Delhi and Heathrow airports. And Bill’s life (after extensive plastic surgery) as a pig – eating juicy grass in a mountain valley, and delivering milk to Toblerone (the Swiss triangular tax-free store favourite). In addition, we get the cultural history of chocolate, cola drinks, personal computers, sanitary porcelain, and the garden of Eden. Which (surprise!) all are related to each other– and to Bill Gates. The presentation is marked by Olof’s love and fear of language, creating comedy and […]

Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (PH/DK)

Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (1970) is best known for her performance works, but she also creates video og computer graphics. These media play an active role in her performance pieces, where themes like sexuality, identity, family and the globalized society are explored. For Samtalekøkkenet, October 2010, she performed “Artists Song” and “Manifesto”: Her work “Gaia” was criticised by Søren Schauser at Samtalekøkkenet (Wundergrund) For Now and Again she produced the video “Skin stripping” For Live Art for Børn S/H she showed the performance Mikado for the first time in Denmark.

Ellen Friis (DK)

Ellen Friis At Berliner Luft 3 Ellen Friis performed the first version of “The Evidence”: At Samtalekøkkenet,  Friis presented “Six Saints: Lene Vestergaard Hau”. Six Saints is a series of performances investigating various time-concepts; an artistic analysis of six famous Danish scientists, who have concerned themselves with LIGHT, ENERGY AND TIME. The research also touches on other topics shared by physics and the performing arts, such as the questions of documentation, observation and ownership. At Hitparaden 1 Ellen Friis presented “Six Saints: Tycho Brahe” & “Six Saints: H.C.Ørsted” Can a performance happen in space only? Can a performance happen in time only? In her performance-series, Six Saints, Ellen Friis investigates […]

Christian Falsnaes (DK/DE)

Christian Falsnaes Christian Falsnaes (1980) began working as a painter after studying for a degree in philosophy. Today he is mainly concerned with the participatory strategies of performance. His works are dominated by the question what it means to be a rational, perceptive human being; a human being asking himself about his attitude towards property, power, manipulation and responsibility. He has presented his work at  Samtalekøkkenet in February 2011: Christian Falsnaes was active in the graffiti, and squatting scene before he began his studies at the Academy of fine Arts in Vienna. He works to break down the barriers between high culture and popular culture, between visual art, film, music and literature […]