Peter van der Meijden (NL/DK)

Peter van der Meijden Peter van Der Meijden presented/performed “The definition of performativity” at Samtalekøkkenet. Peter was also a part of COLAB (please watch the movie below) where he worked together with Ato Malinda.

Jacques van Poppel (NL)

Jacques van Poppel Jacques van Poppel started his career as a performer in music. He was playing electric violin in different (mainly experimental) music-groups such as “Electric Paranoid Era”, “Lazarus” and “Blue Sound”. In 1974 “Blue Sound” was  winner of “Jazz Bilzen”. In his performances since 1981, Van Poppel creates a radical narrative based on working with ordinary objects and related to his “street-wise”, personal life and individuality. He invents a situation, which breaks preconceived assumptions of art, and welcome an intimacy with the audience. Some unexpected things he would do include putting up a tent in a gallery space or distribute cans of beer or offer packets of tidbits […]

Black Market International

Black Market International Work with Live Art Denmark 2015: group performance at Kulstof 15, Nordkraft, Aalborg For a long durational group performance, members of the legendary performance collective (not a group!) Black Market International took over the vast hall of Nordkraft, a former coal fired power plant. Starting with a selection from their huge archive of helpful objects and action-images, amassed in more than 30 yeas of common practice, they quietly set out to act and interact, shape the atmosphere and temperature of the space for the given time of six hours. As always with Black Market, there is no theme or content beyond the basic idea of creating encounters […]