Elvira Santamaria (MX)

Elvira Santamaria Elvira Santamaría was born (1967) in Mexico. Since 1991 she has showed her work in public spaces, museums, galleries and theatres of Mexico, Canada, USA and cities like Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, Australia, etc. At the moment, she continuous developing her artwork, giving workshops, talks and organizing performance art events in Mexico and other countries. Her works are a personal search by means of many forms of action art (chamber performance, public interventions, process installation etc). Nowadays she is realizing urban actions and interventions, process art and In-situ installations. She is a member of Black Market International At Kulstof 15 she also performed “Shadow self-portrait” http://elvirasantamariatorres.co.uk/en/

Black Market International

Black Market International Black Market International is a performance artist collective with international members, each one with an established and independent practice as a solo performance artist. Since 30 years, the influential group has presented durational collective performances worldwide. In 2014, the group consists of twelve regular members: Jürgen Fritz, Germany; Norbert Klassen, Switzerland (died in 2011); Miriam Laplante, Italy; Alastair MacLennan, UK; Helge Meyer, Germany; Boris Nieslony, Germany; Jacques Maria van Poppel, Netherlands; Elvira Santamaria, Mexico; Marco Teubner, Germany; Julie Andree T., Canada; Roi Vaara, Finland; Lee Wen,Singapore. The movement was founded under the name Market project in 1985 in Poznan (Poland) with founders Boris Nieslony, Zygmunt Piotrowski, Tomas Ruller […]