Jeannette Ehlers (DK)

Jeannette Ehlers (DK) Jeannette Ehlers’ (b. 1973) works revolve around the Danish slave trade in colonial times as one of the main themes. The artist’s own ethnic background, with a Danish mother and a Father from Trinidad, W.I., adds this very important layer to the works. Through digitally manipulated photographs and video installations, she puts The Triangular Slave Trade under the microscope. A very experimental nature generally characterizes Jeannette’s work with digital image manipulation often included in the artist’s photographic and video based works. The artist has studied at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and graduated in 2006. Jeannette Ehlers was invited for Live Art for Børn 2016 in […]

Eilidh MacAskill (UK)

Eilidh MacAskill (UK) Eilidh MacAskill is a Glasgow-based live artist who creates solo performance work and collaborative projects as artistic director of Fish And Game. These highly original works are entertaining and experimental both in their content and form, straddling theatre, live art and visual art. There is a particular focus on creating innovative work for children and their adults in a range of settings and contexts. For Live Art for Børn 2016 she led a t-shirt workshop called “Gendersaurus Salon” together with Carl Michael Richardt: Clothes says a lot about who you are. But what if you cannot choose for yourselves what your clothes say about you? Some clothing stores have not […]

Victoria Stanton (CAN)

Victoria Stanton (CA) Victoria Stanton (Montreal, Canada) is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher/curator/educator who works with live action, human interaction, video, film, photo, drawing, and writing. Her time-based work includes performance for stage, performance for the camera, actions in public spaces, and one-on-one encounters in intimate contexts. Investing a performative presence and consciousness within multiple spaces/times, she continuously underscores the complex aspects of “transaction” and the possibility for transformation. Considered a pioneer of transactional practices in Quebec, Stanton has presented exhibitions, performances, infiltrating actions, and films/videos in Canada, the U.S., Europe, the U.K., Australia, Japan and Mexico. For the festival “Live Art for Children 2018″, she presented the work “Full […]

Alison Knowles (US)

ALISON KNOWLES (US) Works by Live Art Danmark: 2018: “Make a Salad” at Live Art for Children “Make a Salad” 100 people work together to make a delicious salat! For the 2018 edition of our festival Live Art for Children, we recreated a famous Fluxus work by Alison Knowles. She performed her score Proposition #2, Make a Salad for the first time in London 1962, and we recreated the work in Odense 2018, mixing and eating more than 100 kg of salad with a large group of adults and children. About the artist Alison Knowles (born 1933) is an American visual artist known for  installations, performances, soundworks, and publications. Knowles […]

Klas Eriksson (SE)

Klas Eriksson (SE) Klas Eriksson is educated from the Royal University College of Fine Arts Stockholm. He lives and works in Göteborg. His works are in media such as video, painting, sculpture, installation and performance. In the festival Live Art for Children 2018, he recreates a McDonalds for and with children, where children can take orders and fetch the food in a nearby McDonalds. Children are slow, they waste time on unproductive pursuits and play, ask questions – they are everything, that a hyper efficient, optimized and commercial work market seeks to avoid. Come and have some slow fast food, or be a worker yourself. MC´DONALDS ODENSE. Børn kan forsøge […]

50 farlige ting (alle børn bør prøve)

50 farlige ting (alle børn bør prøve) Har du nogensinde lavet mad i en opvaskemaskine? Slikket på et 9 volts batteri? Løftet låget på popcornene, når de popper? Aldrig nogensinde? Så er denne forestilling for dig! Forestillingen undersøger alt det, voksne normalt advarer deres børn imod! Forestillingen bygger på bogen af samme navn ( af Julie Spielger og Gever Tulley) og er skabt af Forschungstheater ved Fundustheater i Hamburg. har købt de danske rettigheder og viser den i en udgave ved Henrik Vestergaard og Daniel Norback. Varighed: 40 min. Alder: fra 4 år  

Dagmar Vestergaard Friis (DK)

Dagmar Vestergaard Friis WOrks with Live Art Denmark 2014: Cocktail Bar for Critics & Cocktails 2014: Live Art for Børn 1 2015: Live Art for Børn 2 2016: Co-performer with Orun Orimolade at COLAB 2017: Performer in The Attitudes of Ida Bruhn Dagmar Vestergaard Friis (2014) mixing cocktails at Critics & Cocktails. Dagmar performed at Live Art for Børn 1 with Francesca Romana Ciardi. She was also the mastermind behind a workshop at Live Art for Børn 1. At Live Art for Børn 2, she was performing with Essi Kausalainen in Kristianstad and Ystad. Dagmar with Odun Orimolade (Nigeria), NLH project space, Copenhagen May 2016: In 2017, Dagmar performed in […]

Christopher Kline (US)

Christopher Kline Works with Live Art Denmark2015 “O.K. – The Musical (Run-Through)” at Live Art for Børn 2, Arken, Ishøj. O.K. – The Musical (Run Through)O.K. is an ongoing project based around the history and lore of Kline’s hometown Kinderhook, New York. O.K. synthesizes and expands on Kinderhook’s mythology and attempts to construct a fresh overview of local history through the exposition of historical documents, videos, replicas, interpretive research, and collaborations with local students, craftspeople, filmmakers, and other community members. Central to the overall project is the creation of a community theatre musical which develops and expands through various exhibitions, performances and workshops internationally. The format of a theatre musical […]

Elke Mark (DE)

Elke Mark Elke Mark was born and raised in Germany. She received a Diploma in audiovisual media from the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne in 2008 after studying in Kassel, Madrid, Amsterdam and in Switzerland. In 2005 she has been master student of Professor Dorothee von Windheim at the Art Academy of Kassel. Besides exhibiting within Europe she is researching „Sensous Knowledge“ and the OpenSession format in Performance Art since 2010. She received various residencies and scholarships and is teaching Performance Art at the University of Flensburg. Elke Mark is mainly working in performance art, textile and video-installation focusing on communication and process. At Live Art for Børn 2 […]

Marita Bullmann (DE)

Marita Bullmann Marita Bullmann is a performance, installation and photography artist. Lives and works in Essen, Germany. Within my work I examine situations that are present in our everyday life but not perceived consciously. Small, delicate moments illustrate how I detect the world around me. Materials are decontextualized from their original use and provided with new different characteristics. I explore moments in which the intrinsic context is transferred which communicates a gaze, an opinion as well as values, tempers and peculiarities. My intention is to affect normal visual and perceptual mechanisms far away from their cultural coinages and to create a new ‘space’ that reminds us of how different we perceive […]