Nicolas Puyjalon (FR)

Nicolas Puyjalon Works for Live Art Denmark2015: 3 Performances for Live Art for Børn 2 at Arken Art Museum Three PerformancesAt Live Art for Børn 2 Nicolas presented three different performances. All of them reacted directly to the space of Arken Museum, where the festival took place. He uses everydaz materials he either finds at the venue or buys cheaply to install his body in an unusual relationship with space or architecture. His actions are always precarious, no sacred art here, we rather follow a slightly confused man at work, assembling chairs, foam tubes, balloons with lots of tape, in order to address and understand the objects of his choice: […]

Joachim Hamou (FR)

Joachim Hamou Work for Live Art Denmark 2014: Video “Frame By Frame” for Now and Again Frame By Frame Joachim Hamou contributed with the site-specific video “Frame by Frame” to Now and Again, our series of performance for video. The full title of the work was “Frame by frame – death by drowning – step by step – doubt by numbers – in your analysis” and it was exhibited on an iPad parallel to a photo exhibition by Photographic Center [On the Go] at Nikolaj Kunsthal. Joachim used video footage found on the Internet of a rat running on an escalator that moves in the opposite direction. The rat can’t […]

Open Source Food

Open Source Food Work for Live Art Denmark 2011: Presentation of the group’s work and dinner Group Presentation What better guests for Samtalekøkken than Open Source Food, who like us in our performance community building project, combine art, social engagement and excellent cooking in their work. In April 2011, members of the group presented their foraging, political activism and served a meal to the audience. About the Artists Open Source Food was initiated by André Amtoft (DK/US) and Arendse Krabbe (DK/FR) in 2010. Both work within various collaborative and interdisciplinary constellations. They engage a wide variety of media and often take a conceptual and educational approach to sociologically informed themes. […]

Anaïs Héraud (FR)

Anaïs Héraud Works with Live Art Danmark 2013: Dawdle, Hitparaden 1 “Dawdle”In English, to “dawdle” means to move aimlessly. The pronunciation is somewhat similar to the french word “dodeliner”, to nod one’s head slowly from one side to the other, like when following the rhythm of a song. Anaïs made a series of performancces all titled “Dawdle”, and each is a performative mind-map of desire. In the the captivatingly slow development of the Copenhagen edition, her body dialogues with materials like cinder blocks and dawdling dildos, and finally she buries love songs in soil. Anaïs explains: “For this performance, I’m working with erotic objects of mass production. I believe that […]