Nicolas Puyjalon (FR)

Nicolas Puyjalon Born in 1983 in France, Nicolas Puyjalon lives and works in Berlin. At Live Art for Børn 2 he presented three works Using the theatrical language, he emphasizes the meditative properties of sound and of images and brings the artist closer to the audience. His works are plunging the spectators in a contemplative environment and give them the sensation of being suspended in an unknown reality.

Joachim Hamou (FR)

Joachim Hamou Joachim Hamou, artist mostly making video and performances with a social agenda, lately part of castillo/corrales in Paris. Joachim Hamou made the video “Frame by Frame” for Now and Again Read Tobias Linnemann Ewe text about Joachim Hamou’s work here (sorry Danish only):

Open Source Food

Open Source Food Open Source Food was initiated by André Amtoft (DK/US) and Arendse Krabbe (DK/FR) in 2010. Both work within various collaborative and interdisciplinary constellations. They engage a wide variety of media and often take a conceptual and educational approach to sociologically informed themes. For Samtalekøkkenet, April 2011, they presented their work and served a meal:

Anaïs Héraud (FR)

Anaïs Héraud Anaïs Héraud (b. 1988) is a performance and visual artist living and working in Berlin. She has an MFA in painting and performance art from the college of visual art E.N.S.A.V. Lacambre, Brussels. Her research is based around the aesthetical investigation of emotions and sensations. This performance is part of her series of Odems. Odem is an old German word used in poetry to say to breath or Inspiration. It’s also really closed to the word Oedem, meaning Oedema, this “allergic event” that can bring you to overlie. “For this performance, I’m working with erotic objects of mass production. I believe that desire is the impulse for creativity. […]