Jeannette Ehlers (DK)

Jeannette Ehlers (DK) Jeannette Ehlers’ (b. 1973) works revolve around the Danish slave trade in colonial times as one of the main themes. The artist’s own ethnic background, with a Danish mother and a Father from Trinidad, W.I., adds this very important layer to the works. Through digitally manipulated photographs and video installations, she puts The Triangular Slave Trade under the microscope. A very experimental nature generally characterizes Jeannette’s work with digital image manipulation often included in the artist’s photographic and video based works. The artist has studied at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and graduated in 2006. Jeannette Ehlers was invited for Live Art for Børn 2016 in […]

Heidi Hove (DK)

Heidi Hove Museum of History & Contemporary Art – Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova, Turku, Finland. Heidi Hove was one of  three Danish artists curated for the Turku Biennial 2013. Heidi Hove is inspired by the past – by the archeaological fragments in Aboa Vetus and two childhood memories. One is a piece of glass from the garden, which hurt her foot. The other is about her granddad, a farmer, who collected all the stones, he found in the ground.  In her installation, Heidi exhibits pieces of glass and porcelain from the childhood garden, along with a designers vision for the missing parts. Another part of her installation consists […]

50 farlige ting (alle børn bør prøve)

50 farlige ting (alle børn bør prøve) Har du nogensinde lavet mad i en opvaskemaskine? Slikket på et 9 volts batteri? Løftet låget på popcornene, når de popper? Aldrig nogensinde? Så er denne forestilling for dig! Forestillingen undersøger alt det, voksne normalt advarer deres børn imod! Forestillingen bygger på bogen af samme navn ( af Julie Spielger og Gever Tulley) og er skabt af Forschungstheater ved Fundustheater i Hamburg. har købt de danske rettigheder og viser den i en udgave ved Henrik Vestergaard og Daniel Norback. Varighed: 40 min. Alder: fra 4 år  

David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo (CO)

David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo was born in Medellín, Colombia, and studied a Bachelor of Fine and Visual Arts at the Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia (U.P.T.C.). At UPTC, the artist experimented with installation, video art and performance while working as a teacher at the preschool and pedagogic research center, “Rayuela”, where he investigated different forms of pedagogy and developed projects with children producing short films. After having finished his studies, the artist travelled to Argentina where he studied a Master in Combined Artistic Languages at Universidad Nacional de las Artes (U.N.A.). Throughout and after his studies in Colombia and Argentina, Sebastian has participated in collective […]

Dagmar Vestergaard Friis (DK)

Dagmar Vestergaard Friis Dagmar Vestergaard Friis (2004) mixing cocktails at Critics & Cocktails. Dagmar performed at Live Art for Børn 1 with Francesca Romana Ciardi. Dagmar was also the mastermind behind a workshop at Live Art for Børn 1 At Live Art for Børn 2, she was performing with Essi Kausalainen in Kristianstad and Ystad. Dagmar with Odun Orimolade (Nigeria), NLH project space, Copenhagen May 2016: And with Jörn Burmester, In “Die Weltmaschine”, Grüntaler9 gallery,  Berlin 2013

Peter van der Meijden (NL/DK)

Peter van der Meijden Peter van Der Meijden presented/performed “The definition of performativity” at Samtalekøkkenet. Peter was also a part of COLAB (please watch the movie below) where he worked together with Ato Malinda.

Nanna Lysholt Hansen (DK)

Nanna Lysholt Hansen Nanna Lysholt Hansen has since 2003 used her body as a tool to investigate relationship between the body, location, situation and time. For Kulstof 15 she showed “Dear Daughter / Motherboard Theories of Evolution (w/ Braidotti, Plant et aliae) #6” 33 minutes live performance and “Dear Daughter/Organic Cyborg Stories (After Donna Haraway) #5, 16 minutes digital video with sound. Nanna Lysholt Hansen holds a MFA degree from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art in Copenhagen, Denmark (2011) and a BFA degree from Kingston University, Faculty of Art Design & Music, London, UK (2005). In 2009/2010 she studied at The Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing, P.R. China […]

Erik Pold (DK)

Erik Pold Erik Pold is a part of Norpol, who presented “Teheran Mon Amour” at Hitparaden 1 As a part of Now and Again, he created the video “9 TO 5 IN 7,5” Erik Pold has also been a guest performer in several of Gob Squads performances. Including “Gob Squad’s Kitchen” at Berliner Luft 4: