Georg Klein (DE)

Georg Klein (DE) Georg Klein is a sound, video and media artist and composer. Based in Berlin, he has also lived in Rome, Los Angeles and Istanbul. As a part of Horsens Happening he installed the fake organization European Border Watch in a store in Hospitalsgade. With a background in composition, Georg Klein has developed a multi-faceted artistic practice, in which he works with sound, video, text, and photography. In his installations and interventions – in particular those in public spaces – he intensifies the visual, acoustic, situational and political aspects into an area of tension, in which visitors become involved, either on an interactive or participatory basis. The point of […]

Hue/Boy (DE)

Hue/Boy Hue/Boy is Christiane Hütter and Daniel Boy, who are a part of the Invisible Playground network, which consists in six reflective practitioners working at the intersection of play and urban society – as game designers, artists, urbanists, curators, authors, musicians, scenographers and in many other roles. At the Prison (Fængslet) in Horsens, they developed several games and a LARP as a part of Horsens Happening. GET OUT OF JAIL, FREE? was one of them. The games can still be played at the Prison (Fængslet) in Horsens. Christiane Hütter aka Frau Hue was part of the second Hitparaden Festival.

Christopher Kline (US)

Christopher Kline Works with Live Art Denmark2015 “O.K. – The Musical (Run-Through)” at Live Art for Børn 2, Arken, Ishøj. O.K. – The Musical (Run Through)O.K. is an ongoing project based around the history and lore of Kline’s hometown Kinderhook, New York. O.K. synthesizes and expands on Kinderhook’s mythology and attempts to construct a fresh overview of local history through the exposition of historical documents, videos, replicas, interpretive research, and collaborations with local students, craftspeople, filmmakers, and other community members. Central to the overall project is the creation of a community theatre musical which develops and expands through various exhibitions, performances and workshops internationally. The format of a theatre musical […]

Elke Mark (DE)

Elke Mark Elke Mark was born and raised in Germany. She received a Diploma in audiovisual media from the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne in 2008 after studying in Kassel, Madrid, Amsterdam and in Switzerland. In 2005 she has been master student of Professor Dorothee von Windheim at the Art Academy of Kassel. Besides exhibiting within Europe she is researching „Sensous Knowledge“ and the OpenSession format in Performance Art since 2010. She received various residencies and scholarships and is teaching Performance Art at the University of Flensburg. Elke Mark is mainly working in performance art, textile and video-installation focusing on communication and process. At Live Art for Børn 2 […]

Marita Bullmann (DE)

Marita Bullmann Marita Bullmann is a performance, installation and photography artist. Lives and works in Essen, Germany. Within my work I examine situations that are present in our everyday life but not perceived consciously. Small, delicate moments illustrate how I detect the world around me. Materials are decontextualized from their original use and provided with new different characteristics. I explore moments in which the intrinsic context is transferred which communicates a gaze, an opinion as well as values, tempers and peculiarities. My intention is to affect normal visual and perceptual mechanisms far away from their cultural coinages and to create a new ‘space’ that reminds us of how different we perceive […]

Nicolas Puyjalon (FR)

Nicolas Puyjalon Born in 1983 in France, Nicolas Puyjalon lives and works in Berlin. At Live Art for Børn 2 he presented three works Using the theatrical language, he emphasizes the meditative properties of sound and of images and brings the artist closer to the audience. His works are plunging the spectators in a contemplative environment and give them the sensation of being suspended in an unknown reality.

Forschungstheater (DE)

Forschungstheater Kids are explorers of the everyday. For them to light a match can be something extraordinary that needs focus and time and creates an experience. The same is true for everyone who practices Live Art. For us kids are perfect accomplices. And in return Live Art can provide something that is essential to all of us, but especially to kids and their wellbeing: the acknowledgement of their action and their thinking, the reassurance that everything counts, that everything can make a difference, the frame of beauty and reflection and the experience that we can set it up anytime and anywhere we want. As a part of Horsens Happening we established the […]

Lotte Kaiser (DE)

Lotte Kaiser Lotte Kaiser (b.2000) is a former student of Johannes Deimling, now a performance artist herself. Together with BBB Johannes Deimling, she performed “It won’t always grow back “: From minute 26 and 17 second you can also see the PAS youth Studies: FREEDOM

BBB Johannes Deimling (DE)

BBB Johannes Deimling Works for Live Art Denmark 2015: “It Won’t Always Grow Back” and “Freedom”, Live Art for Børn at Arken “It won’t always grow back “ Collaborating with his former student Lotte Kaiser he performed on a set of stairs situated in an unusual position in the corner of one of the museum’s galleries. Brightly colored materials, including yellow gift wrapping paper, white paper stars and blue paper napkins, were displayed and dispersed across the stairs. All actions are carried out in a never changing moderate tempo and in perfect unison. The artists tie straw around their feet and walk a while in their straw shoes, tie the […]

Marco Teubner (DE)

Marco Teubner Formed with Helge Meyer the Performance Art Group System HM2T in 1998. Meyer performed in festivals like Exit in Finland, in Italy, at Aozora Art in Japan, Open Art festival in China, PiPaf in the Philippines and intensively in Canada and the USA. Helge Meyer works parallel with Black Market, System HM2T and solo. He owns a diploma in Cultural Studies (University of Hildesheim, Germany). He is a writer for art magazines like Inter (Canada) and teaches performance art workshops and theoretical classes. As a researcher he is interested in questions of pain, duo work, cooperation and the history of images. In 2007 he finished a doctoral thesis about […]