Stuart Lynch (AU/DK)

Stuart Lynch Copenhagen based performance and voice artist LYNCH presents, vocal compositions, and text in this sixty-minute dance performance work. Charismatic, powerful and beautifully crafted the work is informally presented, easy to produce and suitable for dance, music and performance venues. Stuart Lynch played a part in the celebration of Antoni Artaurd i 1995 and “Looking for Johnny” 2003 For Samtalekøkkenet he performed the following piece: And for the first Hitparade he gave the Lynch Concert – ”Lynch closed the night with a breathtaking work, a virtuoso piece.” Edward Scheer – REALTIME: Australia – ”Artist Lynch is a god given choreographer, director and performance. The work is insightful, talented and stays […]

Melanie Jame Wolf (AU)

Melanie Jame Wolf Melanie Jame Wolf performed ” This Time You’re Winning” at Hitparaden 1 This Time You’re Winning invites you to take the opportunity to say the words you always wanted to say, but didn’t. You may have been carrying these words from an old argument, or a recent embarrassment. Perhaps they are for a lover, new or remembered. Or perhaps they are for a nemesis or a friend. Perhaps it happened yesterday. Or perhaps these words have been traveling restlessly beside you for many years or sleepless nights. This Time You’re Winning offers you the chance to finally say those words and have them heard. Within your This […]