Otmar Wagner (DE/A)

Otmar Wagner In 1996 he founded  “Wagner/Feigl Forschung und Festspiele”with Florian Feigl.  They performed in Denmark at the Berliner Luft 1 festival in 2004. Otmar Wagner (1966) studied at Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft, University of Giessen and Object Theatre in Amsterdam. Since 1992 he has worked as an interdisciplinary artist, developing solo projects and in collaboration with performance groups such as “norton.commander.productions”, “toxic dreams” and “Monster Truck”. Otmar has also performed in Copenhagen with “Inventur Debil” in 2001 and, with “Stuff the Holes, Yeah!” at the Berliner Luft 2 festival in 2005. For Samtalekøkkenet April 2012 he presented a song for Samtalekøkkenet and a performance; The Border.   On 17 January 2001 […]

Christine Schörkhuber (AT)

Christine Schörkhuber Born in 1982, studied video/videoinstallation at the Academy of Visual Arts in Vienna. Works as installation artist, musician, video producer and organizer. Interested in interdisciplinary crossovers in soundart, visual art, collective operating processes and in political context. Works as a member of the board of management of the IG Kultur Austria since 2006. Christine Schörkhuber performed “Tangency” together with Veronika Mayer at our Salon