Adam Young

On the sixth of June, Adam Young performed at our Samtalekøkken in Copenhagen. Or actually he didn’t. He performed somewhere in the nearby of a park in Leeds. He performed via Skype to our Samtalekøkken at the Royal Theater School in Copenhagen. While Adam were performing, there was dead silence amongst our participants. Many of the young acting students sat virtually with open mouths – they had never seen anything like it! Most of us where just sitting concentrated watching because it was a good performance. Adam Young was eating a whole packet of chewing gum and working with a big hammer. He paid 34 pounds for these materials (it was a very nice hammer). This amount corrresponded to what we paid for the performance on Ebay. We bought the performance via the AUCTION ACHTUNG! – a brokering service event and setup for Live Artists to sell their work on an open and global market and also to a culturally appropriate audience at MPA-B in Berlin, 5th May 2014. The performance lasted 34 minutes in which Adam Young was spitting out the chewing gum and hitting it with the hammer. After which he took a rest on a park bench with the hammer taped to his mouth. Watching the performance on Skype was maybe even better than being there. Because it added several layers to the performance. The atmosphere in our room was thick. Were we really allowed to watch the performance? Was it performed just for us? Who was watching us? We said hi to one other person, saw somebody on a bike and more people quickly disappear. Were we being watched? It felt strange to watch, because there was a common feeling that we where performing for somebody unknown. This uncanny situation was in a sharp contrast to Adam Young sitting quietly on a park Bench somewhere in Leeds.

Adam Young 092

Om liveart_dk blev grundlagt i 2004 for at udvikle miljøet for live art og performancekunst i Danmark igennem nytænkende koncepter og projekter. Siden 2004 har organiseret 10 store internationale festivals for børn og voksne, og over 40 andre events – Samtalekøkkener, bogudgivelser, video serier, symposier, residenser og mere indenfor kunst, kritik og dokumentation.