Ellen Friis (DK)

Ellen Friis At Berliner Luft 3 Ellen Friis performed the first version of “The Evidence”: At Samtalekøkkenet,  Friis presented “Six Saints: Lene Vestergaard Hau”. Six Saints is a series of performances investigating various time-concepts; an artistic analysis of six famous Danish scientists, who have concerned themselves with LIGHT, ENERGY AND TIME. The research also touches on other topics shared by physics and the performing arts, such as the questions of documentation, observation and ownership. At Hitparaden 1 Ellen Friis presented “Six Saints: Tycho Brahe” & “Six Saints: H.C.Ørsted” Can a performance happen in space only? Can a performance happen in time only? In her performance-series, Six Saints, Ellen Friis investigates […]

Eric Andersen (DK)

Eric Andersen Eric Andersen has been a pioneer in the field of performance art, installation and InterMedia and was one of the founders of the Fluxus network in 1962. Since 1960 he has been participating in over 500 events and exhibitions all over the world. He developed an interest in intermedia art very early on (as from 1959). In his Opus works from the early 60s, he investigated primarily the open interaction between performer and audience. In November 1962, for the first time, he participated in a Fluxus concert at the Festum Fluxorum in the Nikolai Kirke, Copenhagen, and in subsequent years he was involved in a number of Fluxus […]

Norpol (DK/SE)

NORPOL NORPOL: Teheran Mon Amour performed at Hitparaden 1 with:  Erik Pold, Daniel Norback, Seimi Nørregaard, Farid Tristan-Sohrabi, Helle Lyshøj, Martin Vognsen and Tobias Stål.   at Live Art for Børn 2   With: Daniel Norback, Adelaide Bentzon, Seimi Nørregaard, Boaz Barkan and Malle-fotografi http://www.norpol.org

Essi Kausalainen (FIN)

Essi Kausalainen Essi Kausalainen studied performance art in Turku (BA) and in Helsinki (MA), Finland. For Samtalekøkkenet September 2012, Essi presented “I and other Letters” For “Live Art for Kids” i Kristiansstad (Oct 31st, 2015) og Ystad (Nov 1st, 2015), she presented a work about plants and their communication. After the performance we asked the kids to draw the performance as a starting point for discussion http://www.essikausalainen.com/

Eva Meyer-Keller (DE)

Eva Meyer-Keller Eva Meyer-Keller (1972) lives and works in Berlin. She works at the interface of performance and visual art. Before graduating from the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) in Amsterdam she studied photography and visual art in Berlin (HdK) and London (Central St. Martins and Kings College). Her artwork is distinctive due to its meticulous attention to detail. Eva often uses everyday objects from her immediate surroundings, things that she finds at home, in the supermarket or in the tool shed. This inevitably lends the work an obsessive, domestic aesthetic. Her working method is marked by a constructive disregard for the imposition of any boundary between visual and […]

Divano Occidentale Orientale (IT/CR)

Divano Occidentale Orientale The theater group Divano Occidentale Orientale was born in January 2010 by Giuseppe L. Bonifati (Italy) & Monserrat Montero Cole (Costa Rica). The artistic project of the group starts from the South (Italy) and South of the World (Costa Rica) and especially from the will to build and produce art through a deep research and compare it with the different generations. A wide-ranging project that lives inside and outside Italy, in a continuous journey of contamination of its works with the “other”, across national borders. Divano Occidentale Orientale presented a one-to-one performance called “ivetotellyousomething” for the Samtalekøkken, March 2013: http://divanoccidentaleorientale.com/

Dariusz Fodzcuk (PL)

Dariusz Fodzcuk Dariusz Fodzcuk was our artist in residence i 2013. He made a performance for Samtalekøkkenet in Nikolaj Arthall Dariusz Fodczuk works in painting, sculpture and performance. Fodczuk’s performances and other works have been presented in over 100 individual and group shows in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Estonia, France, Canada and the USA, among others. He is also the curator of Interakcje International Festival of Performance Art in Bielsko-Biala. And a couple of actions at Hitparaden 1 Fear No Art: Tiny Personal demonstration: More informations here: http://liveart.dk/da/small-privat-demonstration/ The Game and other activities: “I am an artist who consequently develops collectivism in performance since over 10 years. I would like to explain the idea […]

Camilla Junior (DK)

Camilla Junior Camilla Junior is a performance artist and a director, working solo, in collaborations and through her Danish French theatre company “Giraff Graff”. She is living in Copenhagen. For Samtalekøkkenet April 2012, she performed the solo-piece “Inner and Outer Animals”: http://www.giraffgraff.com/

Sort+Munck (DK)

Sort+Munck Sort+Munck: No. 9 at Hitparaden 1 Sort+Munck is an artistic duo based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The two artists have been disturbing each other for the past 4 years. They continue to instigate public and private interventions with the intent of creating an adequate amount of disruption to their surroundings . Most of their work is site specific and an investigation of social norms and interactions. The smell will be the first thing you experience. And then the awkwardness of being so close to people you don’t know, in a space you’d rather be leaving. Welcome to No. 9 – a performance by Sort+Munck taking place in the most private […]