Mette Kit Jensen (DK)

Mette Kit Jensen Mette Kit Jensen´s primary interest is in the sociological and inner topographical perceptions of public spaces. For the most part she has been working directly in public areas. Recently her main interest has been researching the historical relationship between artist and public space. Mette Kit Jensen performed “Fortællinger fra lukkede rum” at Hitparaden 1

Melanie Jame Wolf (AU)

Melanie Jame Wolf Melanie Jame Wolf performed ” This Time You’re Winning” at Hitparaden 1 This Time You’re Winning invites you to take the opportunity to say the words you always wanted to say, but didn’t. You may have been carrying these words from an old argument, or a recent embarrassment. Perhaps they are for a lover, new or remembered. Or perhaps they are for a nemesis or a friend. Perhaps it happened yesterday. Or perhaps these words have been traveling restlessly beside you for many years or sleepless nights. This Time You’re Winning offers you the chance to finally say those words and have them heard. Within your This […]

Mathias Kryger (DK)

Mathias Kryger Mathias Kryger performed with Sophie Dupont at Samtalekøkkenet. They create experiments that began as actions only to be performed in the settings of parties, the artists create spectacles involving movement and costumes. In a completely collective work process the artists create costumes of found and cheaply bought materials and create silent physical situations reminiscent of dance performances from early Avantgarde and Dada as well as from contemporary dance and theatre. Mathias Kryger (b. 1977) has an MA in Visual Culture. He writes art criticism for Kunstkritikk and the daily paper Politiken, and is a performanceartist, popsinger and curator. For Samtalekøkkenet, May 2011, Mathias Kryger and Sophie Dupont created a […]

Mark Harvey (NZ)

Mark Harvey Mark Harvey is a New Zealand based performance artist and live artist. His practices are conceptually driven and often dialogue and test out notions of minimal endurance with constructions of idiocy, seriousness and deadpan humour, drawing from his visual arts and choreographic influences. For Live Art for Børn 2016 he will present “Entrance Party”, a version of  “Welcome Stop” which he did at Hitparaden 2: Harvey will investigate, what the audience will do to get past him and inside the festival. For Live Art for Børn 3 he will also present a duo together with Leena Kela called Pssst! at Hitparaden 2 he also performed: Forward and back “Home Renovation” SEPTEMBER 2012 at our […]

Marcus Coates (UK)

Marcus Coates Marcus Coates (born London, 1968) is well-known for his video works, which record the artist making shamanistic performances. These events tend to take place in municipal spaces such as offices or council housing buildings, and happen in front of members of the public. The viewer is left unsure as to Coates’ convictions, as the work oscillates between comedy and a proposition that art can be restorative. At Samtalekøkkenet December 2011, we presented a selection of Marcus Coates´ video works until 2010.  

Lone Twin (UK)

Lone Twin Led by artists Gregg Whelan and Gary Winters Lone Twin is one of Europe’s leading performance companies. Celebrated for creating a broad range of projects, from theatrical productions to participatory public events, the company’s work is regularly shown across the world to popular and critical acclaim. For Samtalekøkkenet, November 2010, Gary Winters presented Lone Twin in a musical performance lecture together with Molly Haslund:

Line Skywalker Karlström (S)

Line Skywalker Karlström Line Skywalker Karlström (b. 1971) is a Swedish interdisciplinary artist who uses performance, objects, installation, video and social action as tools to investigate structures in society pertaining to commonality, power, institution, space and body. At Samtalekøkkenet, December 2011, she presented a new work; (leaving) Nest: At Live art for Børn 1 in Nikolaj Kunsthal she showed “Kroppen der stak af” And at Kulstof 15 she performed “Finding the Lesbian Leak at the Louvre”

Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (PH/DK)

Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (1970) is best known for her performance works, but she also creates video og computer graphics. These media play an active role in her performance pieces, where themes like sexuality, identity, family and the globalized society are explored. For Samtalekøkkenet, October 2010, she performed “Artists Song” and “Manifesto”: Her work “Gaia” was criticised by Søren Schauser at Samtalekøkkenet (Wundergrund) For Now and Again she produced the video “Skin stripping” For Live Art for Børn S/H she showed the performance Mikado for the first time in Denmark.

Leena Kela (FIN)

Leena Kela Leena Kela is a performance artist who also works with performance art pedagogy, photography and video. In her work she wants to approach the other and the concept of otherness. How does a human being, an animal, nature or even self manifest itself as other? For Live Art for Børn 2016 she presented “Performance-alfabetet”: Leena Kela presents materials and objects typical for performance art ordered and presented after letters of the alphabet. For Live Art for Børn she also presented a work developed with Mark Harvey called Pssst! For Samtalekøkkenet, November 2012, she presented “Performance Performance”; a recipe for inventing and creating a performance from scratch in 30 minutes.

Karl Stampes (SE/DK)

Karl Stampes Karl Stampes performed with Henrik Vestergaard in the band “Radarmen from the moon” in 2003 (Looking for Johnny) at Stubnitz. At Samtalekøkkenet he performed with Ben, Rør og Stampes (DK) Ben, Rør og Stampes (Anders Benmouyal, Peter Rørbæk and Karl Stampes) is a band, that develops new instruments and play on a variety of medias in an investigation of the art institutions boundaries – in order to open up new possibilities for different and exciting ways of presenting art. Og Karl Stampes project at Hitparaden 2. The Karl Stampes project is an artist driven laboratory with main interests in the arts, music, mechanics, digital behavior, electronic circuiting and animation. […]